The choice of WordPress virtual host


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This time, I will talk about the choice of WordPress virtual host.

To install WordPress, you need to have a host. Of course, your host can be your own server, local computer, or virtual host provided by some service providers you purchased. Generally speaking, for those small users who want to build a website on the Internet, it’s enough to buy a virtual host.

WordPress is a classic PHP MySQL system architecture. The minimum requirement for the system is PHP v4.2 or above, and MySQL is 3.23 or above. This requirement is very low, and general virtual hosts can meet these requirements.

The following two points should be noted:

Permalink of WordPress allows users to customize the title format of the article. For example, the static link of WordPress Chinese tutorial 2 is: If the static link is not used, it can only be: P = 199. The link contains a question mark. Static links can be customized in the form of links. For example, I chose the / year / month / article title article serial number HTML, which looks more like a web page and is easy to be included by Google, Baidu and other search engines. To use the static linking feature, you need the support of the server.

WordPress supports gzip. The so-called gzip is that if the visitor’s browser requests, the server will compress the data to be transmitted, which will occupy some CPU resources of the server and client, but will use less bandwidth. This feature requires support from the server.

Although through some special ways, windows server can also meet the above two functions, but it is troublesome, and as far as I know, many windows service providers will not add software or change settings to meet you for you, even they may not be able to modify the settings. Therefore, based on the consideration of program function and running efficiency, I recommend you to use Linux server, and ask the service provider to confirm that it supports mod_rewrite module and mod_gzip module.

Choosing a virtual host is a great learning. Now the threshold of virtual host is low, and a large number of profiteers have been achieved. To choose a good service provider is like going to ZhongGuanCun to buy a notebook. You must be careful and patient, or you will fall into a trap if you are not careful. In general, there are special evaluation institutions abroad for users to use as reference guide, while in China, this aspect is still in the Warring States period. Even if there are some reviews on this aspect, it is difficult to ensure objectivity and fairness. We hope that users will carefully choose, experience and test in detail as much as possible.

What I recommend here is the virtual host of the blog dedicated host. The special host of blog adopts professional Linux server, supports mod ﹣ rewrite and mod ﹣ gzip, and perfectly supports various functions of WordPress. At the same time, the cPanel management program of genuine professional (Chinese and English) is adopted, which is simple to use and powerful. It is very convenient for both novices and veterans to use. Many foreign virtual host service providers are using this software, while it is rare in China (it is estimated that there is no piracy). The official website of WordPress takes cPanel as an example.

There are still many things to pay attention to about the purchase of virtual hosts. I will gradually find some good articles to reprint in the future. This article mainly introduces the requirements of WordPress for mainframe. In addition, we should emphasize that there are many cheaters on the Internet. Please don’t take advantage of them. Be careful!

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