The cause and solution of the error “your computer has encountered a problem”


Failure cause analysis:

This situation is generally due to system anomalies, software or hardware failure. For such problems, we can first see whether the system can enter the system normally after restart, and then proceed to the next step.


1. Such a prompt sometimes appears with the blue screen, which often occurs in win8 system or other relatively new operating systems. In this case, there is no old blue screen fault, which will prompt the shutdown code and trigger the file name of the blue screen;

2. If you can enter the system desktop normally after restart, you can analyze according to what happened before the blue screen. For example, if the driver is updated, the latest driver will be unloaded. If the blue screen is caused by a patch, it is necessary to uninstall the patch or even close the windows update service;

3. If you can’t enter the system, you can start to enter PE through U disk to repair, restore or reload the system;

4. Win10 system is relatively new, and there are many incompatibility problems in hardware, driver and software. Such prompt may also appear in Windows 10 system. Users who are familiar with the system can click “view details” in the prompt;


5. You can see the relevant information of blue screen fault, and remember the path displayed in it;

6. According to the relevant path, open the file to view the message (some files need special tools to open);

7. If you don’t understand these reports, you can click send details (to Microsoft) and Microsoft engineers analyze and improve them;

8. If this problem always occurs, but it does not affect the use, you can directly click send details when the prompt pops up (you need to keep online), or you can not send.

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The above is in the use of the computer, if there is a “your computer encountered a problem” prompt fault causes and solutions, can refer to the above methods to solve.