The birth of enterprise cloud disk is to help improve the efficiency of enterprise users


With the rapid development of the times, the pace of science and technology is also accelerating. With the gradual impact of the Internet on social life, our work and life has been greatly facilitated. We pay more attention to the security of personal information and data while pursuing efficient progress. The service based on cloud computing is a product conforming to the development of the times. After the successful exploration of mature business model abroad, enterprise cloud disk has developed well in recent years. It has the advantages of centralizing fragmented data, improving work efficiency and changing the limitations of traditional workplaces.

With the rapid development of mobile Internet economy in China, wechat has been carrying out communication, file information transmission, message communication and other office work. One year after the launch of collaborative office, the number of enterprise users has exceeded one million, and mobile office has gradually become a hot topic. At present, there are many industry level products in our country, which are isolated from each other and inconvenient for users to use. Demand analysis makes the technology development of cloud disk products of small and medium-sized enterprises powerful.

Characteristics of enterprise cloud disk

1. Low cost, easy to use, no operation and maintenance, flexible change of paid part, free use of product upgrade function

2. Exclusive private space, personalized customization function, integration of internal resources, saving broadband costs.

3. Storing the data in the private cloud can also obtain the public cloud computing resources, which is highly flexible and easy to expand.

4. It is easy to share the file folder with others for collaboration; it can be shared with organizations or departments to avoid the trouble of adjusting the sharing objects due to the change of department personnel

5. Combined with file permission control of sharing role, document security can be controlled more flexibly. The combination of system defined role and user-defined role is safe and convenient

Applicable to customers

1. The main customers are small and medium-sized enterprises

2. Enterprises with higher requirements for receipt security

3. Some personalized functions need to be customized

4. The company has corresponding technical personnel

5. Users who have certain requirements for software expansibility

6. To provide high quality services for various industries such as administration, finance and insurance, information industry, office culture and education, medicine and health, media advertising, software and Internet.

The birth of enterprise cloud disk is to help improve the efficiency of enterprise users

With the development of the times, in modern enterprises, file management and sharing become more and more important. To a large extent, the overall operation of enterprises is also based on information. In this case, enterprise cloud disk arises at the historic moment, which makes it more convenient for enterprises to store and share information.

Taking small and micro enterprises as an example, the business process of small and micro enterprises is relatively simple due to the influence of industry, number of personnel, business model and other factors, but it also causes the operation and management of small and micro enterprises vary greatly, and the management mode of most enterprises is still loose. At the same time, due to limited scale and financial resources, small and micro enterprises usually value the convenience of operation and low price in the use of data, technology and various Internet tools.

The users of enterprise cloud disk can be the team and the whole company, or the individual in the enterprise, and its function is mainly to meet the needs of user collaborative office.