The best seven top API interface testing tools


The best seven top API interface testing tools

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Now API interface has become an important part of software development. Because API has no GUI Graphical interface, it is impossible to test the interface intuitively. Therefore, for front and back-end development, it is very important to find a set of tools to test the API interface and understand whether the developed program meets the expectations.

In the face of batch APIs, manual testing becomes very inefficient. Automated API interface testing tools can not only help us improve the testing efficiency, but also help us ensure the stability and security of the program.

This paper introduces seven top API interface testing tools.At the end of the article, a new generation of low code development tool – karayun is introduced. Without understanding the front end, it can also test the API and build the application. See the end of this article for details.

Test pyramid – the importance of API interface testing

Instead of letting the test team do things around, let them directly test the API, and the ROI will be higher. The following figure shows the importance of API in the whole software.

The best seven top API interface testing tools

When testing the API interface, we should focus on the way to call the API. Therefore, in the whole testing process, we should check whether the API interface returns the correct value under different conditions. The value returned by the API is usually the status of success, failure, some data or a call to another API. Although manual testing is OK, we still like to use automated testing method to test API. The efficiency of batch is not an order of magnitude compared with manual testing. We can conduct function test, load test, security test, reliability test, etc. on the API interface through the available API interface tools.

After understanding the importance of API interface testing, let’s talk about the seven interface testing tools.

1. Postman interface test tool

Asthana, the founder of postman, released the first version of postman in 2012. At that time, it was just a simple API interaction tool. Now postman is a testing tool with 500000 enterprises and 17 million developers. The main advantage of postman is its ease of use. It can be tested immediately without registration and simple settings. Postman’s friendly testing interface is very suitable for manual testing and exploratory testing. The best thing is that you can also share test data with colleagues with one click.

The best seven top API interface testing tools

Postman featuresPostman download address

  • Postman is node The APIs provided by JS are also JavaScript, so if you want to use it well, you’d better be familiar with the basic syntax of JavaScript.
  • The range of free functions of postman is very large. Basically, the common functions we can use are included in the free version.
  • For windows, Mac OS, Linux and chrome (starting with the postman plug-in)
  • RAML and swagger formats are supported
  • Monitoring, function recording and support
  • Allowing users to share information with the team is very practical.

2. Paw – Mac native interface test tool

Paw can be said to be the best API testing tool under the Mac. The native HTTP client under the MAC is smooth. Paw supports graphql perfectly. Although paw only supports MAC (update: win and Linux have been released in beta), the free functions it provides are charged for other software. Do you feel you can make money.

Paw’s interactive experience and ease of use can be compared with postman, which is famous for interactive experience. In fact, the biggest problem with most API testing tools is the clutter of interactive experience. Paw must have an excellent product manager. As long as you use it a little, you can feel its intention in product design and user experience.

The best seven top API interface testing tools

Paw featuresPaw download address

  • Quickly call the API interface, and you can sort and create groups according to different parameters to test
  • Paw supports basic auth, oauth1 & 2 and Amazon S3
  • Allow connection request cookies
  • Native mac software, silky smooth
  • Out of the box, customizable extensions

3. SoapUI – API interface test tool with direct connection to database

Among the open source API testing tools, soapUI can definitely rank in the top five. It is a better automated testing tool for rest and soap API. It is divided into free version and advanced version. However, even the free version can create web server simulation without one line of code. SoapUI allows you to write java style code using groovy scripts and handle responses and requests to web servers. SoapUI even has the function of direct connection to the database with a simple database management tool. We can directly use soapUI to connect to the database to confirm whether the content has been modified correctly. Don’t underestimate this function, which is very easy to use in some scenarios.

Then let’s talk about the disadvantages of soapUI. What I don’t like most is that its documents are poorly written. All kinds of advanced functions need to search in Google and then read the tutorials of other users to understand. In addition, soapUI is unstable, and the action is a little more complex, which will lead to program crash.

The best seven top API interface testing tools

SoapUI featuresSoapUI download address

  • Support rest, graphql, soap, JMS and JDBC testing
  • Just click the mouse to create the interface quickly
  • Support database access
  • Reusable script, load test and security scan can keep the script in the functional test for calling here
  • Allows groovy to create custom code efficiently
  • Extract data from files, databases and excel, so you can simulate the interaction between user and API
  • Support asynchronous testing
  • Data driven test

4. Katalon Studio – automated API testing tool selection Award

Katalon studio, the first version released in 2015, iterated all the way and gradually focused on the field of automated testing. It was awarded the 2020 software automation test client selection award by Gartner (the most authoritative it research organization in the United States).

Katalon is one of the best load API testing tools. It can test API without any programming experience. It can be used on the web, mobile phone, MAC, Linux and win. It is a very thorough cross platform software. Katalon uses groovy language to automate the testing of API interfaces. It supports both restful and soap. It can request testing through delete, put, get, post and other types of commands. The user interface is a little old, but it’s easy to get used to it a little.

The best seven top API interface testing tools

Katalon studio featuresKatalon studio download address

  • Supports importing tests from swagger (2.0, 3.0), postman, WSDL, and WADL
  • Support assertj
  • Cross platform support
  • Supports various types of commands and parameters for soap and rest requests
  • Can be used for automated and exploratory testing
  • Preset or customize the code template yourself
  • Support CI / CD integration

5. JMeter – Top API load test tool

JMeter is a top-level open source API load testing tool. It is a pure Java cross platform tool and supports windows, Linux and MAC. JMeter was originally designed for performance testing, but now we prefer to use it for API interface function testing. It supports various common interfaces, such as HTTP (s), JDBC, Java, WebService, FTP, etc. Visual testing is supported, and the test results are generated in various forms, such as charts, tables, tree charts, logs and so on. JMeter can simulate multi-user concurrent threads and create stress tests to test web programs. The best thing is that JMeter can integrate bean shell & Selenium automated testing.

The best seven top API interface testing tools

JMeter featuresJMeter download address

  • Open source: JMeter is open source and free, allowing secondary development.
  • Good user experience: intuitive and friendly interface, easy to use
  • Pure java development, cross platform
  • Can process CSV files
  • The test results are diverse and support charts, tables, tree charts, logs and other forms.
  • Pure green software, no installation required
  • For scalability, you can write your own test requirements freely
  • Quick start without installation.

6. Karate DSL – rising star of API interface testing

Compared with karmeth restore API, it is easier to test with karmeth restore API without any testing skills. Karate uses the BDD syntax promoted by cucumber, which is easy to understand and concise.

The best seven top API interface testing tools

Karate DSL featuresKarate DSL download address

  • It is built on the basis of cucumber JVM.
  • Support all types of rest and soap requests.
  • You can run tests and generate reports like a java project.
  • Writing test code does not require any java knowledge.
  • Even students without programming experience can get started easily.
  • Support XML and JSON
  • Graphql test friendly

7. Rest assured – lightweight rest API client

Rest assured is a rest API testing framework implemented by Java. It is an open source tool and a lightweight rest API client. It can directly initiate HTTP requests to the server for testing. The testing syntax is very concise and supports the initiation of post, get, put and other requests. Support XML and JSON.

The best seven top API interface testing tools

Rest assured featuresRest assured download address

  • Seamless integration with serenity automation framework
  • Support BDD given / when / then syntax
  • Support XPath, jsonpath, gpath and other parsing methods
  • Automated test friendly
  • Support XML and JSON structured parsing
  • Relatively comprehensive support for spring

8. Karayun – low code development tool with API access (free reading)

Karayun is a set of low code development tools, which supports a variety of database and API access. You can not only test the API in Kara cloud, but also directly map the returned results to the components. Without writing a line of code, you can simply drag and drop to build your own background tools.

The best seven top API interface testing tools

The above figure shows how to use “karayun” to call the gold data API, and then map the returned results directly to the table component. You only need one step to verify the API availability and directly build the tool you are building. immediatelyTry karayun, quickly build your own API tools in one minute.

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