The best JS code fragment in atom


After using the atom editor for a while, I didn’t find a more convenient code snippet completion, so I decided to integrate a complete code snippet package by myself,
The package in atom is named best JS snippets, which has the following characteristics:

  1. Integrated express code completion

  2. Code completion of FS module in nodejs

  3. Code completion of util module in nodejs

  4. Integrated ES6

  5. Code to integrate DOM operations in JavaScript

  6. Integration of process and path modules in nodejs

  7. String code completion in integrated JavaScript

  8. Integrate stream in nodejs

  9. Integrating HTTP, HTTPS, DNS in nodejs
    Keep updating!

Current version 4.0.0

  1. All the common APIs in nodejs are basically integrated,

  2. Common JavaScript APIs, string, array, math, JSON, DOM operations, etc

  3. ES6 has been integrated

  4. Express integration complete

  5. Lodash integrated 50%

  6. Mocha, assert integration completed

ultimate objective:

1. Integrate all common nodejs APIs
2. Integrating JavaScript API
3. Express, KOA, hapi common API
4. Common configuration of grunt, gulp and webpack
5. Mocha, should, assert, superior test framework integration

The best JS code fragment in atom

The best JS code fragment in atom