The best Feynman learning method in history, maybe you have always understood it wrong!


When it comes to Feynman learning method, I think you must feel very familiar with it? Feynman learning method, the ultimate learning method, is widely spread on the Internet.

How to understand? And many authors speak very fully from the three aspects of what, why and how.

What is Feynman learning method? It is very simple. If you tell Xiaobai this knowledge and he can understand it, you will learn Feynman learning method.

And there is a learning pyramid to explain why this learning method is efficient?

How to operate? There are three steps, four steps and five steps.

So what kind of learning method is Feynman learning method? Is it really omnipotent?

In fact, not necessarily, the knowledge widely spread on the Internet or books may be inaccurate.

This time through my own study, I personally verified why Feynman learning method is efficient? Today, I want to help you re understand Feynman’s learning method from the perspective of understanding the three misunderstandings of Feynman’s learning method.

01 three misunderstandings about Feynman’s learning method.

1. Operation of Feynman learning method: explain the concept to Xiaobai.

The essence of Feynman learning method is to do knowledge detection in the process of output and give you feedback on the effect of learning a knowledge point. Do I understand this knowledge?

How to measure it? Explain to Xiaobai what is the content of the explanation? In case of incomprehension, go back to check the materials and continue to explain. Repeat until you understand.

How to explain?

For example, there is also a saying to explain a concept, such as understanding a concept and what it is? For example, if the other party understands it, does it mean that the other party understands this knowledge point?

Feynman said that you can know the names of certain birds in all languages around the world, but after you remember all those names, you absolutely know nothing about that bird.

In this way, you only stay on the surface to understand “what is”. Take Feynman learning method as an example. Feynman learning method is a concept. I understand that his concept is to tell Xiaobai what you have learned in easy to understand language until he can understand it. This only means that I understand this concept, not that I will use this knowledge.

What would be better?

Deep research: keep asking why? Why? Why? In other words, if we want to study a knowledge point, we must understand the principles and principles behind it. After replacing the new scene, we know how to apply it and debug it.

Check whether you have mastered a knowledge point:

1) You not only know the name of this thing, but also know how to explain it?

2) What are the key knowledge points? What knowledge points can be omitted?

3) Do you know why it does this?

4) How to use it and when? When not applicable?

If you can answer all these questions, Congratulations, you understand this knowledge thoroughly.

2. Use Feynman learning pyramid to explain why Feynman learning method is efficient.

From the learning absorption pyramid, Feynman learning method is indeed an efficient learning method. On the surface, it seems that the logic is very rigorous and there is no problem.

But the question is: has the principle of learning pyramid been proved? Is it reliable?

According to the information provided on the Internet, there is no relevant research report on the learning pyramid, which shows that the learning economy is still effective, and how to get the results of this experiment.

There is also a saying that the learning pyramid principle is likely to be modified by a training institution.

There is no final conclusion as to which statement is correct and true. What you can judge is that there is no relevant data or data to prove the reliability of this principle. Therefore, I suggest you should maintain a skeptical attitude and not directly use it as a premise.

The premise is that you can guarantee that the premise has been proved. For example, the law of conservation of energy of the first force, Pythagorean theorem and so on have been proved and correct, which can be taken directly.

In short, the pyramid of learning absorption rate on the Internet does not prove that Feynman learning method is efficient.

On the contrary, it does not mean that Feynman’s learning method is inefficient, but we need to find other relevant theories or evidence to prove it.

The first is deductive argument. That is, we need a reliable principle or theory to learn relevant theories to prove it.

The second is inductive argument. In other words, you need to do experimental schools, and a large number of cases use the successful experience of Feynman learning method.

(set a puzzle here: why is it efficient? Can you find the answer from the text? – leave a message)

3. Feynman learning method is a universal learning method.

The essence of Feynman learning method is to seek feedback in the process of output, so as to let oneself know what knowledge he has mastered and what he has not mastered, so as to avoid falling into the trap of the illusion of ability (thinking he knows, but actually he doesn’t know).

In other words, Feynman learning method is actually a retrieval (recalling and extracting learned knowledge) learning method. What’s great about it is that it gives you timely feedback.

The process of learning a knowledge is input processing output. Retrieval learning method is actually an output process in the learning process.

In the process of retrieval feedback, you are constantly retrieving the memory in your knowledge base. After repeated retrieval, the deeper the trace of this knowledge in your memory, the stronger the memory, and the faster the retrieval and call.

So the question is, is Feynman’s learning method omnipotent? If so, you just need to master how to output.

But this is not the case in practice. Of course, efficient output is not enough. Can it be combined with the learning methods of some input links and processing links to achieve better results?

Therefore, Feynman learning method is one of the efficient learning methods, not a universal learning method.

I have three suggestions on how to use Feynman learning method:

1) Feynman learning method is used with input and processing methods.

For example:

How to efficiently read and obtain information

How to think about the connection between knowledge

As for how to efficiently read and obtain information, the building block learning method or online FCR learning method can be adopted. (if you are interested, you can check the information yourself and gain more.)

As for how to think about the connection between knowledge, I have been using the model shared by Mr. L, which is quite good.

Vertical expansion:

Essence: what is its core? How can I understand it?

Source: where does it come from? Why? Why?

Where to go: why does it behave? What can I do with it? How to operate?

Horizontal expansion:

Lenovo: what else is it related to? What concepts may be involved?

2) Repeat at multiple intervals.

Can you explain your knowledge from multiple scenes and perspectives?

If your answer is no, it only shows that you have not mastered enough knowledge.

If you just repeat what you learned literally, just repeat what the author said. To really understand a knowledge, you have to find a specific scene and explain it from different angles.

Similar to doing different types of questions, it changes the conditions and types of questions, and the most essential principle remains unchanged. Just as the teacher often said at school that “all changes are inseparable from their origin”.

Feynman’s quotation says: “the way I study – to understand something, the means is to try to figure it out. In other words, to understand it by creating it. Of course, instead of creating it 100%, I pick up a clue as the way forward without remembering the details. You figure out those things for yourself.”

For example, my article is my final understanding of Feynman learning method after learning Feynman learning method, constantly reviewing and reflecting on my learning process and looking for relevant materials.

Many online articles explain what Feynman learning method is and how to operate from a positive perspective, and I start from its side misunderstanding to understand it, correct my mistakes in the process of learning, and create and improve knowledge.

This is actually my reading notes for the third processing of Feynman learning method.

3) Into action.

In my opinion, Feynman learning method is a learning method that promotes teaching and simulates teaching. More tend to stay at the theoretical level, there is no practical action.

In addition to Feynman’s skills, you have to practice to achieve the unity of knowledge and practice, so that you can really absorb and become your own knowledge.

In other words, Feynman learning method tends to learn theoretical knowledge and tell it orally or teach others. But you can’t replace others to act and do all the knowledge. In the end, it will come down to solving practical problems, that is, action.

02. Why are there misunderstandings and how to solve them?

Here, we have finished talking about the misunderstanding of Feynman’s learning method. Next, of course, we have to reflect and find the reasons to avoid taking the same detour.

Why is there such a misunderstanding? Let me summarize the following three reasons:

1. The knowledge you learn is wrong, that is, there is something wrong with your knowledge source.

2. You don’t really use it. You just listen to others talk about Feynman. That’s the learning method.

3. Learning method, no matter how powerful, is just a tool. If you don’t understand the principle behind it, you don’t know where it applies and where it doesn’t apply.

In view of this misunderstanding, there are three suggestions:

1. Input high-quality knowledge to ensure the reliability of knowledge sources.

2. Read the acquired knowledge with critical thinking. Where does the source of information and knowledge come from? Is he reliable? Why is it reliable? Is there any reason to support it?

3. Kmow why is more important than know what. If you want to draw inferences from one instance and know how to use it, you must know the essence and principle of knowledge.

Well, today I share with you three misunderstandings in my understanding of Feynman’s learning method, hoping to help you avoid detours in the process of learning, and don’t blindly listen to others’ efficient learning methods.

The knowledge you have learned and personally verified is your own. Unity of knowledge and practice, I have been on the road, encourage you!