The beauty of design pattern to compete with Wang and conquer design pattern


It is not difficult to understand 23 classic design patterns。 Just look for a book. The difficulty is how not to copy mechanically and arrive exactly

It is beneficial to apply it to practical projects.


Simply reading books, you can only reach 10% for mastering design patterns and exercising code ability, and the remaining 90% still depends on deliberate practice



Wang Zheng combined with his project experience accumulated in his work over the past ten years, through more than 200 practical cases in the whole column, he took you hand in hand with high intensity and carving

Practice design patterns to teach you how to write high-quality code.


Suitable for people:

  • The code in the column is implemented in Java language, but as long as you are familiar with any programming language.
  • The column focuses on back-end programmers. It’s better to have some project experience. It doesn’t matter at all.



Wang Zheng, a former Google engineer. He was a senior system architect of the core system of a financial company.


After learning: sharing the programming experience of top Internet companies; Ideas and skills to deal with design pattern interview; 23 design patterns and Paradigms

Intensive teaching; 200 + real case analysis, design and implementation.


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