The answers of all instances of the garbage that sells JSP programming skills have been collected. Now publish the instance answers collected by others for your appreciation!


one   How to highlight a selected row of records?
two   How to select a value in the drop-down list box and jump out of a new window?
three   How to start EXECL in JSP?
four   Two level linkage menu
five   How to move files in one directory to another specified directory in Java?
six   How to make table lines?
seven   JSP, such as distinguishing a character between a and Z?
eight   Get a floating point number with 4 digits after the decimal point. How to write it? Take the function intercept as two digits
nine   Integer to character?
ten   Display the records of the database. Click which title bar to sort according to which title
eleven   Make two buttons
twelve   What SQL statement is used to copy one record in the database into two?
thirteen   There are two buttons a and B, in which a can’t press again if a presses down, and a can press again if B presses down.. how can I use JavaScript to control it?
fourteen   How to connect the database in JSP
fifteen   In JSP, how to submit a form by pressing enter?
sixteen   How to pass arrays in JSP?
seventeen   How to get pictures by address?
eighteen   How to upload pictures to database fields in JSP?
nineteen   Automatic page refresh?
twenty   Form auto submit?
twenty-one   How to transfer data from JSP to JavaBean?
    Isn’t this parameter transfer??
twenty-two   weblogic   Data pool connection?    data source   JNDI name    mysource
twenty-three   Three level linkage menu?
twenty-four   How to call the “save as” function in the browser in JSP?
twenty-five   Web page full screen display
twenty-six   Find the number of days between the two dates: the input time format is (yyyy MM DD)
twenty-seven   Upload file dialog box
twenty-eight   Paging test
twenty-nine   Download File
thirty   Simple Chinese character judgment
thirty-one   Can I pass JSP variables or beans to JavaScript for use?
thirty-two   How to convert a date variable in one format (such as yyyy MM DD) into a date variable in another format (such as DD mm yyyy)!
thirty-three   How to add a line of input dialog box on the page
thirty-four   How to make verification code pictures?  
thirty-five   Picture zoom in and out function
thirty-six   How to click the input box to pop up date selection?
thirty-seven   How to view the pictures you want to upload before uploading them?
thirty-eight   How to select a picture on the page of picture arrangement and delete it?
thirty-nine   Display all files in a directory
forty   How to display the value selected in the check box directly in the input text box?
forty-one   How to select the file under the path to directly display the file content?
forty-two   How to make a progress bar?
forty-three   How to omit the display of long characters?
forty-four   How to make a calendar?
     This is too much
forty-five   Click the text to pop up a selection box. After selecting the value, return and display it
forty-six   How to close a frame page and return to a page without a frame?
forty-seven   How to select multiple records to delete at one time?
forty-eight   How do I get the page file name automatically?
forty-nine   How to call ActiveX control in JSP?
fifty   How to use SmartUpload to upload files?
fifty-one   How to develop reports using ireport and jasperreport?
fifty-two   How to generate PDF using iText?
fifty-three   How to make image watermark?
fifty-four   How to mask keyboard function keys in a page?
fifty-five   How to prevent users from copying web content?
fifty-six   How to avoid displaying the current URL in the address bar?
fifty-seven   How to obtain the user’s real IP address?
fifty-eight   How to get user browser information?
fifty-nine   How do I get the current absolute path?
sixty   How to convert HTML files to XML files?
sixty-one   How to combine XML and XSL to output HTML pages?
sixty-two   How to make dynamic tree menu?
sixty-three   How to make short message tips similar to QQ?
sixty-four   How to use JFreeChat to make column, cake and curve patterns?
sixty-five   How can text boxes only allow numbers to be entered?
sixty-six   How do I open word and EXECL files?
sixty-seven   How to generate word   and   Excel document?
sixty-eight   How does JSP read word content?

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