The “afterwave” in the era of artificial intelligence


Nowadays, it seems to be a hot topic for mothers in the new era to enroll their children in programming classes. In today’s environment, how to seize the opportunity, understand the development trend of technology, master the core development skills has become a matter of concern for college student developers.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is the technology story of the 2010’s. with the passage of time, more and more AI products are landing, which makes AI technology the hottest technology at present.


Pan Yongbin, a specialist in HUAWEI‘s cloud and cloud sharing at AI, who was studying at Southwestern University, was at her university’s technical direction of artificial intelligence. After the leisure time, he saw the WeChat official account. “The official account and the idea of running the official account are to make a public number of AI and to” AI “. Pan Yongbin said that he has been in touch with Huawei cloud for a long time and is also the Campus Ambassador of Huawei cloud. An accidental technology in the AI combat camp of Huawei cloud youth class was attracted by the advantages of “Huawei cloud modelarts AI one-stop development platform” in many (algorithms), fast (running fast), good (end-to-end training, good experience), and saving (worry and effort).

Maybe it’s “fate arrangement”. When I came into contact with Huawei cloud modelarts AI platform, I found that its idea coincided with my own idea. Slowly, pan Yongbin began to contact modelarts platform for some trial and development. “Because I usually love to record and share in school, I try to write HUAWEI cloud posts and blogs, and record my own learning experience on my official account. I also sorted out the documents and shared them with AI developers around me. ” Pan Yongbin said that his sharing has also attracted some AI technology, Xiaobai’s attention and understanding of Huawei cloud modelarts AI platform, which also makes him feel that what he has done is valuable.


It is also with everyone’s attention and encouragement that Pan Yongbin focuses more on the practical cases of Huawei’s cloud modelarts AI platform, bringing you more professional and practical content sharing, so that you can understand and recognize Huawei’s cloud modelarts AI platform technology from the actual cases.


There is always a reward for giving. Based on Pan Yongbin’s selfless sharing, he was invited by Huawei cloud MDG community to make an online live sharing for AI developers all over the country. “At present, I’m constantly recording the classic cases of Huawei cloud modelarts AI, and I’ve learned a lot from them. I hope more developers can experience the charm of Huawei cloud modelarts AI development platform. ” Pan Yongbin said. During my time in the MDG community, I realized many excellent developers and I also saw such a cohesive team in Huawei’s cloud modelarts AI platform. In my heart, I constantly tell myself that I should make continuous efforts to improve my ability and make progress with the predecessors of Huawei cloud modelarts AI platform. It is also with constant efforts and efforts that Pan Yongbin has successfully become an expert in Huawei cloud sharing.


Looking back on the process of learning AI technology, pan Yongbin, an expert in cloud sharing, said that there were three main difficulties in his initial exploration:

1. Dependence on hardware equipment: to run the learning algorithm network of artificial intelligence, it is generally necessary to configure a good computer to quickly run the algorithm program, otherwise it will waste a lot of time in the training stage of algorithm network, so there is not much energy to focus on the optimization and innovation of network algorithm.

2. Worry about the configuration of complex code environment: in the process of running experimental code program, such as Python language environment, you often need to configure and install many complex Python libraries and deep learning framework, sometimes you can’t install them smoothly, and there are many bugs, which is a headache.

3. Loneliness on the way forward: when learning code development, most of the time it’s one’s own learning, research and persistence, which is often one’s journey.

After contacting the Huawei cloud modelarts AI platform, the platform helped pan Yongbin, an expert in cloud sharing, effectively solve the development difficulties.

1. Huawei cloud provides developers with free high-performance GPU computing power in the cloud. It can be said that they can experience the enjoyment of high-performance computers without leaving home.

2. To solve the problem of dependence on the configuration of complex code environment, Huawei cloud provides a notebook development environment for developers on the Huawei cloud modelarts AI development platform. Users only need to choose a good deep learning framework and programming language to call the device online for programming. They can call the device directly without installing some complex Python libraries.

3. Huawei cloud has established a harmonious ecological community for developers, such as the MDG developer community of Huawei cloud. Developers can find a lot of like-minded partners in the community to explore the unknown mysteries in the development process, and hold online or offline communication meetings from time to time to broaden their horizons.

Grow up quietly and wait for spring flowers to bloom


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