The “accident” in station B tells us that the short board of HTTP is exposed, and IPFs / fil distributed storage solves the problem!


Stop B server downtime accident, HTTP short board exposure, IPFs / fil distributed storage solution!

On the evening of July 13, station B collapsed and ranked third on the microblog hot list. “Sorry, the server is temporarily shut down, and the prompt” B “appears.

The Internet is based on HTTP protocol. HTTP protocol is a great invention that enables our Internet to develop rapidly. However, with the development of the Internet, HTTP is becoming more and more insufficient. The centralization of HTTP has low efficiency and high cost.

Using IPFs can greatly reduce the dependence of Internet applications on Internet application backbone. IPFs / fil docking V: slf5576 trunk network is affected by many factors. War, natural disasters, Internet regulation, centralized server downtime, etc. may be the interruption of our Internet application services.

The emergence of IPFs technology is a subversion of the traditional Internet HTTP mode, a new revolution in the Internet era, and let more users see the dawn.

What are the advantages of IPFs distributed storage?

For today’s theme, we can fundamentally imagine how didi divulges our information. yes. Because it collects our information and stores all user information on a centralized storage server. Well, the information in this must be taken away. Selling information and being stolen by hackers are the same way. If you only open the user information in this server, you can use it as you like.

IPFs distributed storage is decentralized. All participating users are backbone networks and do not need to collect all information on the centralized storage server. Similarly, if didi uses IPFs distributed storage technology, the information registered by users is scattered into tens of thousands of small blocks through asymmetric encryption and stored on all IPFs storage servers leading to centralization. To obtain this information, you must re obtain the user’s private key before you can restore the block to complete information. To destroy this information, you can’t just destroy a small piece. Because tens of thousands of small fragments can be recovered.

IPFs is also an encrypted communication platform. No one is willing to steal message communication and personal information privacy, but this is only one of the advantages of IPFs distributed storage. The advantages of centralization include “fast, cost saving, data storage time and space”. More and more information will need to be saved in the future. Instead, you need to move to centralized technology. In the future, only the FIFs / ip76 node will be widely used in parallel, so the FIFs / ip76 node will be widely used in parallel. At present, the whole project is in the stage of continuous development and continuous practice. If you can participate in long-term investment projects in advance, you can get thousands of times as much revenue as bitcoin in two or three years. So how to participate in this project, become a part of the whole centralized network, and contribute distributed storage nodes to their own storage servers

Filecoin has huge room for appreciation in the future. How can I get it now?

First, IPFs / fil is actively supported by the state. IPFs has practical applications, and large domestic enterprises have IPFs deployment. For example, Huawei, JD, Alibaba, Tencent, etc. This is the best opportunity for FIS to pledge the entrance fee for miners at present.

With the continuous implementation of IPFs applications, it will replace HTTP protocol in the future, and the price of fil will also break through a new high. Chain core cloud certificate suggests that bosses who want to invest must seize this opportunity! Don’t lose the chance, early layout, wait to earn!