The 9th issue is a summary of Alibaba’s experience in mobile experience Optimization & you don’t understand the HTTPS principle, but also talk about “man in the middle attack”?


2020 front end performance optimization list (IV)
A comprehensive performance optimization guide

A brief analysis of Node.js Features and application scenarios
If you have a certain front-end foundation, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery; then, Node.js It can make you quickly transition to a full stack engineer at the lowest cost (I call this full stack a pseudo full stack, and I think the full stack should also be proficient in database, and don’t like to spray), so as to touch the development of back-end and mobile end. of course, Node.js It is not omnipotent, nor can it completely replace other back-end development languages after learning it. It has its own mission and good application fields.

You don’t even understand the principle of HTTPS, but also talk about “man in the middle attack”?
With the cost of building an HTTPS station decreasing, most of the websites have started to use the HTTPS protocol. We all know that HTTPS is more secure than HTTP, and we have heard that the concepts related to HTTPS protocol include SSL, asymmetric encryption, CA certificate, etc., but we may not be able to answer the following three soul questions:

Efficient coding: my vs code settings
There are many code editors, some are free, some are paid. The favorite code editor is visual studio code. It’s free and powerful, and I’m abandoning atom, sublime text, and the powerful webstorm.

Experience summary of mobile experience optimization from Alibaba
Many enterprises will pay special attention to the experience of their products, especially the mobile end. Why is the experience of the mobile end so important? First of all, experience itself is very important. Good experience brings different feelings to users. In addition to the functions of the product itself, users choose to use a product to meet their needs, there is a more important reason that the product is “cool” when used. The whole use process of the product must be comfortable and natural, so it can be loved by the public. In addition, product experience has become the market competitiveness 1、 To borrow the discussion on experience that everyone is a product manager:

Front end collector (micro signal: fedaily)

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The 9th issue is a summary of Alibaba's experience in mobile experience Optimization & you don't understand the HTTPS principle, but also talk about