The 37 year old Android programmer was laid off, the interview with a large factory was rejected, and his salary was cut to a small company. His heart was even colder


Seeing such a post in the workplace forum, programmer a was laid off by his former company. After the layoff, he was not particularly discouraged. He intended to start over again, but was hit by reality.

He entered a well-known Internet company when he graduated from university. During his work, he kept learning and improving his ability. However, when he was 37 years old, he was still laid off by the company.

The 37 year old Android programmer was laid off, the interview with a large factory was rejected, and his salary was cut to a small company. His heart was even colder

He began to submit his resume to a large Internet company, but he turned it down because he was older. He had been looking for a job for four months, which was not the way. For the sake of his family and children, he began to compromise and submit his resume to a small Internet company. Unexpectedly, HR was disgusted with his work ability. When he heard this, he was probably angry Yes!

The 37 year old Android programmer was laid off, the interview with a large factory was rejected, and his salary was cut to a small company. His heart was even colder

See this netizen’s experience, other netizens also began to discuss.

Now employees over 35 are in danger! Because most of the employees of this age are labeled as mediocre employees, self-motivated stagnation, work attitude slack and so on!

Even if you are excellent, your professional knowledge or technical level can’t catch up with the development speed of artificial intelligence!

Now both large and small companies pay more attention to the comprehensive ability of employees, not only limited to education!

More value is your output value! Therefore, we can no longer support the superior. We should always have a sense of crisis, maintain the attitude of lifelong learning, leave the comfort circle, and really choose more than effort!

The 37 year old Android programmer was laid off, the interview with a large factory was rejected, and his salary was cut to a small company. His heart was even colder

At the age of 37, I was considered old by the recruitment companies. I think those who recruit people take the elixir of life, and keep their youth forever?

When you dislike others, think about yourself. Unless you are the boss, everyone will have that day.

I don’t think that 37 is middle-aged. According to the future plan, the retirement policy will be postponed. At most, such an age is only young people. Why do you always think that only young people have the ability? Some things also need to be accumulated and experience. Losing these people is a kind of loss.

On the other hand, if we work hard and study hard, we can still accumulate more economic foundation.

There are also calls for a delay in retirement. I’m afraid to think about it. Some companies see that older workers often have unfair treatment in terms of wages and treatment. Why does the state have no policy to stop this one size fits all policy of 35 years old?

In the past, some people called the job only suitable for young people as eating youth meal. Is it industry also eating youth meal? In fact, it’s just that the IT industry has developed too fast in recent years, which makes people feel that they can’t catch up.

way out

As a programmer, if you still know nothing about the new knowledge and new technology, and still eat the old money of more than ten years ago, you must be behind in knowledge and technology. If you fail to enter the management level, you will surely be patted on the beach by the waves of the Yangtze River.

And many programmers who keep pace with the times and are good at learning are still the backbone of the industry. This is just to show that the world today relies on a fresh dish to travel all over the world, and the era of eating for life has passed. One must live and learn to walk in the world.

In my spare time, I will also go through the interview questions of large factories, so that I can always maintain the interview skills. At the same time, I can understand the needs of large factories for technology, in case of unexpected needs, “born of hardship, die of happiness”. The ancients did not deceive me.

Now I would like to share with you a systematic and advanced route of growth that I have summed up over the past few years. I would like to share with you a reference.

Android advanced learning route

1、 Basic skills:

1. In depth Java generics
2. Notes in simple terms
3. Concurrent programming
4. Data transmission and serialization
5. Principle of Java virtual machine
6. Reflection and class loading
7. Efficient IO

2、 Android framework architecture

1. Advanced UI promotion
2. Android component kernel
3. Necessary IPC for large projects
4. Data persistence
5. Framework kernel analysis

3、 360 comprehensive performance tuning

1. Design idea and code quality optimization
2. Program performance optimization
3. Optimization of civilization efficiency

4、 Interpretation of open source framework based on design ideas

1. Thermal repair design
2. Interpretation of plug-in framework
3. Component based framework design
4. Picture loading framework
5. Design of network access framework
6. Design of rxjava responsive programming framework
7. IOC architecture design
8. Android architecture component jetpack

5、 NDK module development

1. NDK knowledge system
2. Bottom image processing
3. Audio and video development
4. Machine learning

6、 Architects become real combat

1. Architecture design
2. Online shopping mall project
3. News client project
4. Multi format player project
5. Gradle automation project

7、 Wechat applet

1. UI development
2. API operation
3. Wechat docking

8、 Hybrid development and flutter

1. Actual operation of HTML5 project

This is only a general direction of learning, or we have to learn consciously, track technological changes, do a good job in technology accumulation in work, and build personal core competitiveness.

In the busy work, perseverance, continuous learning and progress is an arduous task, which requires strong perseverance and firm determination. Take action and stay motivated, and you’ll get what you want.

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