The 20th social recruitment Java post (byte + Ali + didi) was summarized and finally got Didi’s offer on three sides


Today, I’d like to share the social recruitment experience shared by a netizen of 20 years. The content is very detailed. If you don’t have time to read it in detail for the time being, you can click on a collection and like it first.

Coordinate Beijing, interviewed byte, Ali, didi and other companies, and finally passed Didi’s interview, winning the offer on three sides!

The 20th social recruitment Java post (byte + Ali + didi) was summarized and finally got Didi's offer on three sides

Beijing didi (offer)

one side

  1. self-introduction

  2. Introduce your own projects, what are the difficulties and how to deal with them?

  3. What is the idea that split reading service is a microservice?

  4. What is the difference between the new service and the previous service level expansion?

  5. Is there any data extension at the database level?

  6. What is the total order quantity of QPS 8W?

  7. How does the local cache ensure data consistency?

  8. What if MQ hangs up?

  9. Do you understand redis cluster?

  10. How to do data cleaning?

  11. How to ensure final consistency?

  12. How are sequential messages guaranteed?

  13. How does es work? What is the data magnitude? Why use es instead of HBase?

  14. What is the problem with zookeeper as a registry? What will happen if massive services are restarted at the same time

  15. Algorithm: ring linked list II


  1. Project introduction

  2. Total QPS of services during the promotion period, how many services and how many threads per service

  3. According to what is the number of server threads configured?

  4. How does redis cluster work? Gossip protocol? The process of writing and reading? Does CRC16 perform the remainder calculation on the client or server? Can you decide which key is placed on which node?

  5. Redis master-slave synchronization process?

  6. How does the redis hash structure rehash? What will be the problem if these keys are suddenly not accessed during the progressive process

  7. How high is the b+ tree in the index structure of MySQL InnoDB engine? How to calculate the floor height?

  8. Joint index ABC where a = 3 and b > 3 and c= 3 how to index?

  9. If there is a large field in the MySQL table, how many K will there be?

  10. Index push down understand?

  11. Scenario design: how to design a conference room reservation system?

  12. Algorithm: for the array array array and the value x, calculate the number pairs in the array whose absolute value of the difference is x;

Three sides (hrbp)

  1. Reasons for resignation;

  2. Evaluate your leader in three words;

  3. Future planning;

  4. What are your shortcomings;

  5. Encountered the biggest problem;


On the one hand, it is all about projects and scenarios. Because they are developed with go, I used java before, so I have been asking about middleware. There is no Java stereotype, but the middleware is very deep, and the interview experience is very good;

In this regard, I have also summarized and collected some popular interview questions with answers (including e-books), which are enough for you to deal with gold, silver and four in an emergency!

Friends who need to pay attention to my background private letter “interview” to view the acquisition method!

The 20th social recruitment Java post (byte + Ali + didi) was summarized and finally got Didi's offer on three sides

It includes technology stacks such as JavaEE, k8s, mysql, nginx, redis, springboot, multithreading and high concurrency, and micro service architectureThe 20th social recruitment Java post (byte + Ali + didi) was summarized and finally got Didi's offer on three sides


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