The 2021 hande user conference was successfully concluded, and the special performance of cloud original platform attracted extensive attention


On October 29, 2021 hande user conference was successfully held in Wuzhen. “Hand in hand symbiosis, digital drive evolution”. This conference invited pioneer enterprises, industry experts, technical experts and ecological partners to gather in Wuzhen, enjoy the successful implementation of the latest application scenarios and jointly seek the road of high-quality development of brand enterprises. In the special session of “cloud native platform effectiveness” of the conference, many enterprises such as hande information, Huawei cloud and Jingbo holdings shared their insights and successful experience in cloud native technology.

Main venue of 2021 hande User Conference

Capability construction of digital platform — cloud energy management

In recent years, with the vigorous development of cloud computing, micro services, containers and other technologies, the concept of cloud native has been widely accepted by the market. The implementation of cloud native technology has also become a key concern and urgent problem for all teams. Based on more than 20 years of enterprise information service experience and in-depth understanding of enterprise digital intelligence construction, hande information has launched a cloud native digital intelligence efficiency management platform, pig toothed fish, to help enterprises accelerate the transformation of cloud native technology and effectively implement digital strategy.

Pig toothed fish number intelligence efficiency platform

At the branch venue, Mr. Liu Fudong, general manager of pig toothed fish, first shared Han De’s observation and practice in cloud energy. Due to the epidemic, Mr. Liu Fudong delivered a speech remotely. He pointed out that under the social background of the current industry trend and the reduction of demographic dividend, enterprises have more new thoughts and responses in the process of digital intelligence, and cloud native provides an effective reference way for enterprise digital construction from the aspects of computing cloud native, architecture cloud native and development cloud native. Digital transformation is the combination of digitization and transformation. Its essence lies in the construction of digital synergy, including objectives, actions and results. To build digital synergy, we need to think and promote it systematically from many aspects, such as strategic planning, organizational ability, R & D system, enterprise level architecture, methodology, efficiency tools and so on. As a digital intelligence efficiency platform, pig toothed fish can deliver systematic methodology, provide collaboration, testing, Devops and container tools, help the team efficiency faster, stronger and more stable from the aspects of team, architecture, methodology and products, and effectively boost the digital intelligence construction of enterprises.

Mr. Liu Fudong, general manager of pig toothed fish, delivered a keynote speech in a remote way

Huawei cloud joins hands with hande to accelerate the digital transformation of Chinese Enterprises

Mr. Hao Yuntang, senior director of ecological development of Huawei cloud, pointed out in the theme sharing that at present, enterprises on the cloud have entered a comprehensive outbreak period, from stage 1.0 dominated by Internet manufacturers to stage 2.0 dominated by traditional enterprises, especially large government enterprises. In the process of accelerating digital transformation, cloud application has gradually become the mainstream. Huawei cloud adheres to the principle of neutrality, security and credibility, protects the safety of customers, and is committed to enabling applications, enabling data and becoming the black land of the intelligent world. Mr. Hao Yuntang introduced in detail the business value improvement brought by enterprises before and after going to the cloud, and shared typical cases in many fields such as manufacturing energy, transportation and logistics, finance, Internet, medical education and so on.

Mr. Hao Yuntang, senior ecological development director of Huawei cloud, delivered a keynote speech

Huawei cloud also has extensive and in-depth cooperation with hande information and many of its subsidiaries. The pig toothed fish number intelligent efficiency management platform will also be put on the shelves of Huawei strict selection mall in the near future, and strong forces will work together to promote the process of enterprise digital transformation.

Pig toothed fish is about to be put on the shelves. Huawei strictly selects them

Cloud native practice sharing of Jingbo Holdings

Mr. Hao Haigang, solution expert of Jingbo holdings digital and intelligent control center / Minister of information technology department, made an in-depth interpretation of cloud native and enterprise digital construction from the perspective of enterprises from the aspects of characteristics of the times, target path and emerging partnerships. Combined with the current situation of Jingbo holdings and the construction path of industry 4.0, Mr. Hao Haigang gave the requirements of enterprises for digital service capability providers, and pointed out that enterprises should understand users in order to provide better services.

Mr. Hao Haigang, solution expert / Minister of Information Technology Department of Jingbo holdings digital and intelligent control center, delivered a keynote speech

In recent years, Jingbo Holdings has also actively tried in school enterprise financial innovation and industrial financial innovation, and achieved certain results. In this process, the efficiency management platform of pig toothed fish has also played a good supporting role in the digital construction of Jingbo.

Pig toothed fish helps Jingbo

Cloud primary future

In the round table on the theme of “cloud origin and future”, Mr. Wu Sheng, founding engineer of tetrate / Director of Apache Software Foundation, Mr. Huang Jianhua, CTO of hande information, Mr. Hao Yuntang, senior ecological development director of Huawei cloud, and Mr. Hao Haigang, solution expert of digital and intelligent control center / Director of Information Technology Department of Jingbo holding, etc. attended the meeting on site or remotely, There were heated discussions and wonderful views on cloud native technology and application prospects. Participants said that in the development process of cloud native, we have witnessed from traditional stand-alone applications to distributed applications and gradually refined new distributed architecture. Cloud native handles complex matters separately, making it easier to manage distributed systems. Enterprises should choose cloud native technology suitable for enterprises from the perspective of business scenarios and applications, and take solving the actual business problems of enterprises and improving the digital application level of enterprises as the judgment standard.

Round table sharing of “cloud origin and future”

At this session, a number of architects and R & D managers from hande information published relevant topics about cloud native. Mr. Chang Zhuang, R & D director of pig toothed fish products, Ms. Wu Tingting, deputy general manager of R & D of hande information Zhongtai, Mr. Qiao Guangming, general manager of hande Zhenling, and Mr. Liu Mingwei, senior manager of hande information fusion Zhongtai management center, published the wonderful contents of hande in cloud native related fields from their respective specialties and practices.

The SaaS version of pig toothed fish was officially released

At this meeting, Mr. Huang Jianhua, CTO of hande information, officially announced the release of SaaS version of pig toothed fish. He pointed out that the intelligent efficiency management platform of pig toothed fish can pull through the demand design development deployment test operation process, help enterprises implement agile and Devops and help enterprises digitalize by providing integrated enterprise R & D management solutions. SaaS version pig toothed fish is easier to use and has more comprehensive functions, which will better and faster help more enterprises carry out digital transformation and upgrading.

Mr. Huang Jianhua, CTO of hande information, announced the release of SaaS version of pig toothed fish
The SaaS version of pig toothed fish was grandly released

Digital strategy is very important for enterprise development, and the digital landing with the help of cloud native technology is the key to ensure the realization of the strategy. As a practitioner in the field of digital intelligence efficiency, pig toothed fish will not forget its original intention, forge ahead and contribute to the digital transformation and efficiency improvement of enterprises.

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