The 18th issue teaches you how to realize the CSS animation effect of Jingxi factory


Hand in hand teaching you to realize the CSS animation effect of “Jingxi factory”

Q1 this year (the first quarter of 2020) participated in the front-end development of “Jingxi factory” business of Jingxi business division. Users can participate in the “online production” of masks, paper drawing, rice and other products through “Jingxi factory”, which can not only create interesting products, but also receive free prizes. At present, you can access the activity through the homepage of Jingxi app.
Soon after the event was launched, PV reached tens of millions of magnitude, which was eye-catching. Many front-end students are curious about the animation implementation involved, and the text emerges as the times require.

How to design infrastructure route of large front end team

Good afternoon, everyone. The theme I want to share today is “the road of infrastructure design integration of large front-end teams”. I will mainly share with you some achievements and experiences of our team in front-end infrastructure related aspects accumulated over the years.

The way of automatic test of Jingxi front end

Jingxi (former Jingdong shopping) project, as a strategic business of Jingdong, has ten million level traffic entrance. In order to ensure the stable operation of online business, the front-end disaster recovery exercise is carried out every month, which mainly includes small programs and H5 version. Each page module is required to be properly degraded under abnormal conditions, and there should be no empty windows, disordered styles, unreasonable error prompts and other empirical problems.

Review the basics: regular expressions

This chapter reviews regular expressions in JS, a powerful tool for matching strings in JS.

Deep understanding of dynamic import and top level await

With the release of ES6, JavaScript syntax is becoming more and more mature, and new proposals are constantly put forward.
There are four stages in ECMA proposal, all of which are in stage 3 need our continuous attention, and are likely to be included in the new standard in the future.
Today, let’s talk about dynamic import and top level await.

Typescript 3.9 officially released! The average compile time is reduced from 26 seconds to 10 seconds

Some friends may not be familiar with typescript, which is a javascript based development language, adding a variety of syntax such as type declaration and annotation. Typescript compiler can use these syntax to type check the code, and then output JavaScript code that can adapt to a variety of different runtime and is clear and readable.

A comprehensive review of plug-in mechanism of front-end network red framework (Axios, KOA, Redux, vuex)

There are many libraries in the front-end, and the authors who develop these libraries will try their best to cover the various needs of everyone in the business, but there are always unforeseen, so an excellent library needs to provide a mechanism, so that developers can intervene in some links in the middle of the plug-in, so as to complete some of their own needs.
This article will teach you how to write your own plug-in mechanism from the implementation of KOA, Axios, vuex and redux.

Implementation of debounce function in fancy explanation

Slant type garrulous: originally intended to use only one article to summarize the anti shake and throttling, but it is very interesting to write that it is found. So I’m going to divide it into 3-4 parts to write a separate implementation of anti shake and throttling, and then I’m going to share the source code of a famous library. Today, let’s take a look at the realization of anti shake with crooked horse. Other content please look forward to ~!

Front end collector (micro signal: fedaily)

Collect excellent front-end technical information of the whole network, share with you and grow together.

The 18th issue teaches you how to realize the CSS animation effect of Jingxi factory