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In the near future, I received some resumes from some friends. Let me check them preliminarily. After reading several resumes, I would like to say something and tell you my opinions on resumes.

Resume should focus on the key points, be accurate, have substance and target.

How to highlight the key points, campus recruitment can write some campus awards, you graduated for many years to apply for a job, resume written a first-class university long-distance running, is to highlight their fear of overtime, good physique? This college life content can be written in campus recruitment when graduation, so that the interviewer can give a love of life, like communication, communication should be no problem.

After working for a few years, I don’t need to mention it. What should I write on my resume? No one has me, no one has my essence, that is what you have to write. For example, if a company recruits a coder with C programming language, you can apply for the job, and your resume says that you are proficient in C language, so it is more popular. You write the C language to implement the compiler, understand what the compiler has done, and finally how the operating system loads the program, which is suddenly on the rise, killing the theorists who can only play with grammar.

We must recognize the fact that the distribution of resources in the world is necessarily unfair. You can’t win everyone. Just win the people around you. So the school is very important. Your learning atmosphere and teachers will determine your height and depth.

The core of highlighting the key points is to cut as much as possible and achieve minimalism. What you write can’t be mixed with water. It’s won for a while by fraud, but it’s ruined your life’s magnanimity.

Heart to heart communication, with sincerity and honesty as the bottom, your personality charm will add some points to you.

How accurate? That is to say, no scribbling. I remember interviewing a lot of people a few years ago. Some of them wrote very large resumes and said they had made something. I tried to ask what you had done with this design idea, and then I found that he just changed a small problem, either the design process or a simple exception.

Don’t look down on the interviewer. I don’t need to do the tall things you said, but the design ideas at the bottom can be understood. Everything in the world can be attributed to input design output. Can understand whether you are talking nonsense, or really have material.

If you finally find out that you didn’t do it, do you think your credibility can be built up? What’s a rat killing a pot of soup. When you are doubted at one point, your entire resume will be doubted. Trust me, it’s easy to build this trust, but after it’s destroyed, it’s almost impossible to build it again.

What is saying with substance? What you say and write, try to find one that can directly impress the interviewer, put it on the top, and list the things you do in it intuitively, unfold slowly in the process of communication, appear more calm. You can write the used three-way library, but when you want to highlight the specific landing of this library, what optimization have you done? Have you done source code analysis? What is a man without me? A man with me. Many people do application development, only in which three-way library to work hard, when asked about the design principle of the three-way library, they are confused when they encounter problems. This kind of company is disliked. Without creativity, there will be no competitiveness.

If you want to think in the direction of the company, you are the person in charge of the company. If you want to find someone, what are your requirements? If you organize your own materials according to this, it will be eight to nine. You’re looking for a clerk, not a tardy one. Only large companies with long-term plans will do induction training for school recruits.

In the workplace, we should learn to learn more, see more, listen more and think more. The school has someone to supervise your study. Nobody cares about you after work. You need to stay awake and work hard. Do not start to be passive in the first few years of your career.

Don’t cheat, especially those who are skilled. Be honest. We all know that life is not easy, but no one is willing to cause a disaster. Then you will lose his reputation if you enter the company. The company will say that the person you recruit is not good. Do you have water.

Don’t take other people’s project products and call them your own. It’s embarrassing. I interviewed some people and finally found that both of them were talking about a product. The second person was obviously not confident. When I asked him in depth, he finally became nervous and said that it was dominated by others. He just started. The world is very small. It happens that the person you are talking about has friends, and I also know about it. When you say it, it will explode.

How to target? You can’t talk to the interviewer all the time. You need to understand the interviewer’s mood and understand his meaning outside the picture. When he interrupts you, pay attention to what he wants to say. For example, he said, there’s no problem with my side. Wait a moment, I’ll find a brother. This is basically a play. No one is bored to the point where they don’t recognize it and find someone to confirm it.

If he tells you it’s late, we’ll talk next time. It’s basically out of business. Can’t you just say it’s nine o’clock? It’s still early. I haven’t finished. Let you wait for the news, but there is no news. If this is a school recruitment, it may be necessary to wait. Social recruitment means politeness. I’ve heard a lot of people say before. I’ve met many families, and I’m hopeful. I’m just waiting for the news. It’s estimated that I’ll be informed in the next few days. Then I’ll choose one.

Then you should wait until the end of time. I’ve also made this case. I naively thought that I really had to wait. Later, I asked the elderly in the workplace, and I knew that this was the end of the game.

Pay attention to the matching degree, the value between you and the company, the current environment of the company, and the appeal that you are invited to solve. You should be clear about your position.

The company wants someone to solve the problem, not to let you find the problem all the time.

If you get to communicate with HR about salary and treatment, you need to know what you expect. HR knows psychological tactics very well. Any psychological shake will be seen through. Many programmers will suffer losses in this place. One way to do this is the lever principle. If you know what’s going on, I won’t break it here. Of course, it also depends on the situation, and there are different prospects for the company.

I’ll talk to you today. I wish you a successful interview!

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