Thanks to blockchain technology, Tencent security has boosted the digital copyright protection of Shanghai’s “Yidun plan”


In order to fully launch the brand of “Shanghai culture”, implement the “50 articles of Shanghai cultural innovation”, strengthen the copyright protection of digital cultural innovation content, help the creation and production of high-quality digital copyright content, and promote the city’s digital copyright trading, Shanghai took the lead in launching the “Yidun plan” special action to serve small, medium-sized and micro cultural innovation enterprises and individuals and provide free digital copyright certificate protection, The launch conference was successfully held by Shanghai film and television copyright service center on April 2.

Thanks to blockchain technology, Tencent security has boosted the digital copyright protection of Shanghai's

At the meeting, Wu guanyong, representative of the organizer and director of 12426 copyright monitoring center, introduced in detail the specific service contents of “Yidun plan”. It is reported that this activity is for small and medium-sized cultural and creative enterprises and individuals with any type of copyright works such as pictures, short videos, music, audio, text, games, animation and derivatives, films, TV dramas and variety shows, and operating or registered in Shanghai. Those who meet the conditions can enjoy free copyright deposit protection services through the “easy dog copyright open platform”, including: work blockchain deposit, free monitoring and rights protection services, free letter protection services, litigation protection services and value-added services of regular monitoring and rights protection.

As one of the technical support units of “Yidun plan”, Tao Sinan, general manager of Tencent security, shared Tencent security copyright protection security plan on the spot. He proposed that blockchain technology has increasingly become the preferred scheme for copyright protection. With the characteristics of information verifiability, traceability, non tampering, openness and transparency, it has a natural fit with copyright traceability. Based on the blockchain system, it can realize the rapid confirmation of content copyright, make the transaction flow clear, and effectively save offline costs.

Thanks to blockchain technology, Tencent security has boosted the digital copyright protection of Shanghai's

Tencent security copyright protection reassurance plan provides one-stop copyright monitoring and protection services, “one confirmation (confirmation of rights), two trials (review), three inspections (supervision), four sending (sending letters), five blocking (interception), six certificates (evidence collection) and seven rights protection”, which is oriented to the whole platform and implements multi-dimensional and full-time monitoring for all types of works to ensure the “Yidun plan” To provide more works with certificate protection monitoring and rights protection services. Once problems are found, the legal department will follow up and deal with them offline in the whole process, provide evidence as needed, and select the best litigation to ensure the smooth operation of the whole process of intellectual property law enforcement and rights protection management system.

Tencent’s security copyright protection reassurance plan is based on the exclusive ability of network wide detection, rights protection interception and traceability forensics to establish a full coverage of infringement monitoring scenarios and a full link right confirmation alliance chain. With intellectual property protection as the core and block chain technology as the support, Tencent will build a perfect technical support system for intellectual property right confirmation, online identification, real-time monitoring, infringement forensics and evidence confirmation, Ensure that the copyright value of works is maximized in various ways such as authorization, use and dissemination.

At the practical level, Tencent’s secure copyright protection and reassurance plan has made some achievements. On Tencent’s content open platform (Penguin), based on Tencent’s secure Lingkun’s ability to monitor and dominate the blockchain, it has completed 100000 + for original document issuance, 15000 + for infringement document issuance and evidence collection, 35 million for network wide infringement monitoring and measurement, and 8 million for successful rights protection. Among them, the number of daily infringement evidence collection of Tencent video has also exceeded 6000, the ability to combat copyright infringement has been significantly improved, and the legitimate rights and interests of millions of original authors’ works have been protected.

In the future, Tencent security will continue to deliver technical force for the “Yidun plan”, continue to promote the implementation of “blockchain +” industry solutions, and escort the healthy development of industrial blockchain.