Text editor editplus64 bit Chinese green version activation tutorial (with registration code)


How to activate EDITPLUS 64 bit green?EDITPLUS green Chinese version software is a powerful text editor that can replace Notepad. It has the function of monitoring the clipboard and is also a very good HTML editor. Today, I brought you the text editor EDITPLUS 64 bit green Chinese version of the text activation tutorial, interested friends come to learn about it.

Software name:
EDITPLUS 64 bit v5.2.0 build 2524 Chinese green registration version
Software size:
Update time:
2019-11-27Download now

Edit plus 64 bit green registration tutorial

1. Download the software in this site, install the compressed package, decompress and run it EditPlus.exe

2. The following prompt will pop up, click to enter the registration code

3. This software comes with registration information. Click Register, you may be prompted that the registration failed

4. Fill in the user name and registration code provided by this website and click Register

EDITPLUS 5. X online activation registration information: user name: vovan
Registration code: 3ag46-jj48e-ceacc-8e6ew-ecuaw

5. As shown in the figure below, click OK to register successfully

6. Restart to view the registered information

7. Software operation interface

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