Tencent SNG background technology director: hundreds of millions of background architecture


Tencent SNG background technology director: hundreds of millions of background architecture
Tencent SNG background technology director: hundreds of millions of background architecture
On May 7, Tencent SNG & msup technology open day was held in Shenzhen. One hundred cases interviewed some lecturers and talked about what they shared at the meeting. The lecturer we interviewed in this issue is Liao Nianbo, an expert engineer from Tencent and technical director of SNG.

100 cases: please briefly introduce you and your current work, as well as the areas of concern and technology accumulation.

Liao Nianbo: the main work of my team includes two parts: one is to do Internet access and scheduling; the other is to do user account management and login. I pay more attention to cryptography and background cluster scheduling.

One hundred cases: the mobile Internet has become the mainstream. Can you talk about the characteristics of massive services on the mobile terminal.

Liao Nianbo: massive services on the mobile end do have their own characteristics and difficulties. Let me briefly talk about three of them

First of all, the network forms are more diverse and the access is more complex, which requires more refined operation and experience accumulation of external network scheduling;

Second, as an extension of the user’s body, the mobile phone carries a lot of users’ time investment and demand response. Naturally, it also carries a lot of users’ privacy information and behavior characteristics, so the security protection of users’ privacy is more challenging. Need to combine this new form of innovation to do, also need to work together to improve the industry internet practitioners.

Third, the mobile Internet goes deep into all aspects of users’ lives. There are many apps that can be made and the competition is very fierce. So the service providers are required to develop faster and have higher requirements for the architecture of usability and fault tolerance. Even the Internet technology team that has been working for many years also needs to think more about and evolve in terms of cost, efficiency and quality.

One hundred cases: facing massive services, the horizontal expansion of the system is basically the first factor, so how does SNG do the work related to service cluster?

Liao Nianbo: horizontal expansion is indeed the first factor. In the actual operation process, there are many specific problems and practices.

For example, we usually make the business logic layer stateless and undifferentiated, and completely peel the state and data to the back-end special data layer, so that the business logic layer can be deployed and scaled flexibly and fluidly;

The second specific method is: horizontal expansion. If the granularity of management is single machine, it may be too fine and not large enough. We usually use a group of small clusters with fixed load capacity as a unit, just like a container to expand, shrink and dispatch;

The third point: the standardized development and operation framework is separated from do. A special team is responsible for the development of standardized components. Business developers only need to pay attention to the business logic, and the operation and maintenance will be carried out by a special team after going online. There is a unified do separation standard. The team is very efficient.

One hundred cases: it’s not enough for an architect to study theory alone. What’s your self-cultivation process like? In other words, how to complete the whole process from programmer to senior programmer and then to designer?

Liao Nianbo: first of all, shooting range is very important, and practice is very important. As long as we design and develop these services and take charge of these projects, we can grow better. Otherwise, we will feel shallow on paper.

The second point is to maintain a strong interest in technology at the same time, to cultivate their own professional quality and soft power, such as how to communicate and present, how to do project management, how to lead a small team to do target management
How to learn and share.

One hundred cases: views on new trends such as micro service and docker.

Liao Nianbo: as a technician, I always feel that we are very lucky to be engaged in computer technology, especially Internet computer technology, because it is an industry with many innovations, constant challenges, collisions, attempts, and new technologies and new ideas. At the same time, it is also an industry with many talents gathering and sharing atmosphere. We’re in it and we’ve got a lot.

Our team has always been concerned about new technologies and new trends. For example, we have always been useful in the architecture of micro services, and docker has also played a great role in recent projects, making the distribution and deployment of services very convenient.
At the same time, I think what we domestic practitioners need to strengthen is the ability of abstraction and standardization. We have used these ideas in docker, Hadoop, zookeeper and other systems for a long time, and the business scenarios and practices are very similar, but the refining and promotion are not enough.

One hundred cases: as a technical team manager, can you talk about your R & D team size, software development methods and management experience at different stages?

Liao Nianbo: the technical management cadres of our team come all the way from the front line. I’m the same. From the beginning, I was only responsible for a small project with 3-5 people, from team leader to technical director. At present, our team size is about 50 people.
In terms of management, I think there are two important points: one is management by objectives, or managing the team by objectives, from industry trend to company strategy, to KPI and long-term direction of the team, to the objectives of a specific project and the division of responsibilities of project members. Management by objectives is an effective means to condense the team and ensure execution;
Second, I think the development of team members is particularly important. Managers need to pay attention to the growth of their subordinates. Let them clearly know their growth space and path, know the quality model of the industry benchmark, and then strive to improve themselves, the combat effectiveness of the team is also improved.

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