Tencent security released the white paper on CCGP cross chain governance to realize cross chain collaboration of “chain governance”


In the digital age, the expansion of urban governance, transparency of government management, drug traceability and industrial information sharing accelerates the large-scale deployment and penetration of blockchain applications in industrial scenarios. Under the new trend of “Application on the chain”, enterprises’ demand for inter chain mutual trust management, cross chain interaction of data and business has gradually increased, which makes it urgent to integrate inter chain circulation and cooperation.

Recently, Tencent security leader released its first report at the 2020 it user satisfaction conferenceTechnical white paper of CCGP cross chain collaborative governance platform, for data exchange and business collaboration between industrial blockchains, a cross chain interoperability mode of “chain governance chain” is proposed, which provides valuable reference and support for building efficient cross chain collaborative governance and opening up heterogeneous industrial blockchain technology and application ecology.

Tencent security released the white paper on CCGP cross chain governance to realize cross chain collaboration of
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Starting from the practical pain points of blockchain application in cross chain cooperation, combined with the in-depth analysis and research of Tencent security in the fields of smart city construction, code chain traceability, trusted access certificate and transparent public welfare, the white paper expounds in detail the design background, product characteristics, overall architecture, governance evaluation, security guarantee and application scenarios of CCGP cross chain collaborative governance platform, It presents Tencent’s idea of safely promoting efficient interconnection between blockchains, with a view to cooperating with ecological partners to create a new ecosystem of industrial blockchain applications.


Five advantages: efficient “chain governance”

In view of the cross chain interoperability and collaborative application problems caused by the emergence of a large number of industrial blockchain platforms, Tencent security led to build and launch a new inter industrial blockchain collaboration platform – CCGP cross chain collaborative governance platform, in order to realize the control of the whole process of cross chain interoperability through a multi-party governance chain and provide a “lubricant” for the construction of industrial blockchain value sharing system, Let chain and chain synergy. The cross chain governance collaboration platform has the following five advantages:

Strong versatility and easy scalability: the distributed relay service provides a standardized general interface for cross chain governance collaboration, supports the dynamic access of participants horizontally, and enables dynamic interworking governance vertically, so as to achieve smooth support for a variety of networking topology models.

Multi party co governance: build a business collaboration and mutual trust system between cross chain participants by means of blockchain, which has the characteristics of strong trust foundation, transparent cross chain transaction process, controllable cross chain authority and traceable cross chain.

Efficient: relying on large-scale networking, distributed relay service and authority control capability under governance mode, simplify and efficient communication of cross chain processing authority verification process.

High security: the security architecture is designed in the aspects of communication security, security sandbox middleware, certificate compliance, contract audit, key management, trusted protection environment of nodes and cross chain relay services, and cross chain authority management.

Trace traceability: realize the record of cross chain transaction ledger and the confirmation of the final state of transaction transaction through smart contract; It provides tracing, tracing, exception warning and final consistency reconciliation mechanism for cross chain transactions.


“Four layers and two systems” Architecture

Support cross chain collaborative control of the whole process

According to the requirements of collaborative business scenarios of contract heterogeneous platforms, Tencent security led CCGP cross chain collaborative governance platform puts forward a general cross chain collaborative governance architecture including governance chain, sub chain, business application and cross chain collaborative services, so as to realize the whole process control of cross chain collaboration.

Based on this governance structure, the CCGP cross chain collaborative governance platform has formed a “four layer and two system” overall architecture covering security support layer, trusted governance layer, trusted collaboration layer, sub chain application layer, unified standard governance system and unified operation and maintenance management and control system. Based on this architecture, CCGP can provide the following services to cross chain participants:

Tencent security released the white paper on CCGP cross chain governance to realize cross chain collaboration of

Trusted governance services: Based on the governance chain, cross chain participants such as administrators and auditors can realize the whole process collaborative control of cross chain creation, governance and audit based on the technical characteristics of blockchain; At the same time, the visual display of cross chain governance related business data provides intuitive indicators for operation and maintenance and monitoring.

Trusted collaborative service: it includes sub chain agent service and cross chain agent service. It is the main service center to undertake cross chain business processing. Among them, the sub chain proxy service is responsible for communicating with the sub chain and interacting with the trusted data of the cross chain proxy service. Cross chain agent service is a bridge connecting sub chain agent, cross chain agent and governance chain, carrying the point-to-point cross chain interconnection of trusted collaborative services. On the basis of ensuring the security and credibility of cross chain business logic, ensure the security, flexibility and easy expansion of sub chain communication.

Cross chain trusted pipeline service: for the transmission pipeline of cross chain business interaction, a set of cross chain protocol for industrial blockchain, namely AMDP, is designed and built. The protocol covers authority verification, data integrity verification, cross chain interoperability interaction process, etc. it needs to interact based on the constraint information of cross chain pipeline, and can provide authority judgment and security verification for cross chain cooperation.

Cross chain interoperability transaction control: combined with the two process modes of cross chain interactive operation between business applications and chains, and between chains, in order to ensure its integrity and consistency, the cross chain interoperability transaction control is incorporated into the governance chain, and the cross chain abnormal transactions are handled through the transaction governance contract.

Cross chain governance credit evaluation: the credit evaluation system of cross chain governance is introduced, combined with the comprehensive credit value of all participants to realize the governance evaluation of cross chain behavior and effectively prevent and control “evil” behavior.

Cross chain governance security support services: through a set of overall protection configuration strategies integrating algorithm, security sandbox, communication link, certificate management service, cross chain governance service and node trusted computing environment, it provides security guarantee for the whole cross chain collaborative governance. Build a safe and trusted cross chain interaction environment.


Covering three application scenarios

Building a new ecosystem of cross chain application of industrial blockchain

CCGP cross chain collaborative governance platform’s technological innovation in governance chain, cross chain collaborative data pipeline, distributed relay, process protocol, security measures, etc. provides an enterprise level cross chain full stack solution for upstream and downstream users of industrial blockchain, which can be accurately applied to the following scenarios:

Data wide area sharing: Aiming at the problem of data sharing, the CCGP cross chain smart contract is used to uniformly manage the data authority, effectively control the data authority, break the data island of the blockchain, and realize the trusted interoperability and business cooperation between homogeneous and heterogeneous chains.

Joint traceability: in combination with the requirements of alliance chain coordination in the field of anti-counterfeiting traceability such as food, medicine and health products, CCGP realizes the trusted data exchange of various isomorphic / heterogeneous chains, and improves the comprehensive collaborative service value of blockchain in the field of traceability.

Wide area deposit certificate: according to the needs of enterprises, governments, judicial organs and other organizations for data exchange of blockchain deposit certificate alliance chain, a new idea of data cross chain verification and cross chain storage is formed through the ability of CCGP cross chain collaborative governance platform, so as to ensure the reliable transmission and verification of various account book data on the chain.

Since 2015, Tencent security led blockchain has been committed to the research and development of industrial blockchain technologies and products. Supported by the blockchain central platform, Tencent security led blockchain has promoted the application of blockchain technology in many scenarios, such as electronic access certificate, credit information sharing, government data service, supply chain traceability, social welfare and so on. As the latest industrial blockchain collaboration platform created by Tencent security leadership, it is also worth looking forward to how CCGP cross chain collaborative governance platform can contribute to the creation of industrial wide area “digital network”.

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