Tencent security leads blockchain to appear in 2020 global blockchain innovation and Development Conference


Since this year, the epidemic has accelerated the transfer and integration of global industries, and digital technologies such as blockchain have been focused on. Domestic and foreign enterprises have laid out blockchain, and many provinces and cities in China have issued block chain support policies. In this context, Ganzhou municipal Party committee and government seize the opportunity of blockchain development, vigorously promote the whole city’s blockchain technology and innovative application, creating strong conditions for the development of Ganzhou block chain industry.

From August 13 to 14, the 2020 global blockchain innovation and development conference with the theme of “value interconnection, linking the world” was held in Ganzhou. The conference gathered representatives one from the “one belt, one road”, including the representatives of the industry, the leading experts and scholars from abroad and the leading enterprises and the famous associations of the industry. The purpose of the conference is to strengthen exchanges between domestic and international industries, enhance the comprehensive strength of chain technology and application in Ganzhou blocks, and create Jiangxi products in the global block chain. Liu Xin, chief expert of Tencent security leading blockchain, was invited to attend the sub Forum on blockchain and industrial Internet of the conference, shared Tencent security Tusi blockchain leading technology and application practice, and made suggestions and suggestions for the development of blockchain industry in Ganzhou.

As the pioneer of industrial Internet, Tencent began to pay attention to blockchain technology as early as 2015 and started the process of independent research and development. Tencent security leader Tusi blockchain, with the help of Tencent’s multi-dimensional security product capabilities, based on “trusted computing environment + trusted data + trusted identity”, builds a cross chain collaborative management city level blockchain asset security management platform, compatible with the mainstream blockchain baas platform in the industry, and builds a highly available and highly regulated urban level blockchain infrastructure service facilities With the capability of business scenarios, the public components of city level blockchain application can be refined to meet the landing requirements of trusted blockchain industry in different scenarios.

Tencent security leads blockchain to appear in 2020 global blockchain innovation and Development Conference
(picture: Tencent leads Tusi blockchain Center)

Security is one of the future vitality guarantees of blockchain. Around the physical, data, application system, encryption and other component security system, is an important problem in the implementation of blockchain industry. According to Liu Xin, “security” and “trustworthiness” are two major attributes rooted in the Tusi blockchain architecture. Tusi blockchain establishes security from the bottom of the computing platform, and uses the international CC EAL4 + certification, FIPS 140-2 level High security authentication security hardware such as 2 + and the second security level authentication of commercial cipher chip, combined with the technologies of secure data storage, smart contract, hardware key management, encrypted data analysis, etc., as well as cryptographic algorithm against quantum computing environment attack, it creates an overall strong security blockchain solution for trusted data, which can provide “self certified” and “value locked” areas Block chain application services help the deep integration of industrial Internet and blockchain, and promote the high-quality development of the real economy.

At present, Tencent security leader Tusi blockchain has formed a layout from theoretical research to technology layer, platform layer, scene application layer and industrial ecology, and has been implemented in social welfare, government data sharing and exchange, electronic access certificate, supply chain traceability and other scenarios. Based on the blockchain consensus mechanism, unforgeable and other characteristics, Tencent has established a trust system between business stakeholders to promote Business process optimization.

At the end of the forum, Liu Xin said that as an enterprise level blockchain open platform, Tencent security leader Tusi blockchain will continue to open up its own technical capabilities, give full play to the advantages of security experience, cooperate with the Jiangxi Provincial blockchain industry alliance, jointly assist the development of Jiangxi blockchain and digital economy, promote the establishment of industry standards for the combination of industrial Internet of things and blockchain, and form a standardized and reusable one Industrial experience contributes to the innovation of digital economy and the development of national real economy in old revolutionary base areas of Jiangxi.