Tencent cloud techo developer conference starts!


The second National Congress of the Communist Party of ChinaTencent cloud techo Developer ConferenceHere we go!

Tencent techo developer conference is an annual event for developers and technology enthusiasts around the world initiated by Tencent cloud. As a non-commercial conference focusing on cutting-edge technology research, techo conference has been committed to the ability growth and practical innovation of developers. It aims to build an open, neutral and active technology exchange platform by gathering the world’s top industry experts and technology lovers, sharing hot technologies, mainstream applications, open source ecology and product innovation. At the first techo conference held last year, more than 150 experts at home and abroad interpreted hot technologies, and more than 5000 developers exchanged in-depth on-site. This year, the second techo conference will bring more creative ways to play, not onlyMore than 20 technical forumsAndInteractive exhibition area, round table, hands-on laboratory and other interesting activities, let the audience enjoy the diversified cloud feast.

In recent years, Devops has been one of the most popular topics in the cloud native field, and it is also a hot topic that techo continues to pay attention to.At 9:45 am on December 20, main hall a of the first workshop of Beijing fashion design Plaza, Chaoyang District, Beijing, coding invites you to techo 2020Devops sub ForumLearn from each other and listen to the views of well-known experts in the field of technology from Tencent, Xintong Institute, youpufeng and Hongya Huayu on the evolution direction of software engineering in the cloud based era. They will discuss excellent practices at home and abroad with on-site technology managers to bring inspiration to the majority of technology lovers.

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besides,Coding and TSF (Tencent service framework) will set up interactive exhibition area at the conference siteTo present a brand newMicro service Devops joint solution. The exhibition area not only has vivid video demonstration and interactive answers, but also prepares exquisite and rich prizes for the audience. What are you waiting for? We will see you on December 19 and 20~

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