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On June 7, 2022, at 11:30 Beijing time, with the completion of the first subject language examination of the college entrance examination, the composition questions of the college entrance examination across the country were officially “unveiled” in front of the public. The title of this year’s national college entrance examination composition in volume B is“Across, across again”The two Olympic Games have demonstrated the leapfrog development of China’s comprehensive national strength. In the same period, Tencent cloud database has also achieved a leap from children to promising young people.

Excellence never ends, and the leap never stops. Tencent cloud database has handed over its own answers after 18 years on the road of localization.

In 1978, Mr. sashixuan wrote “database” on the blackboard, and the database theory officially entered China. Now the domestic database has gone through 44 years. Since the 1980s and 1990s, foreign database manufacturers, such as Oracle, have occupied the mainstream market. Now, domestic databases continue to achieve technological innovation and seize the market share of databases. Domestic databases have achieved leapfrog development.

As one of the representatives of domestic database products, Tencent cloud database tdsql has contributed its important strength in this process. For 18 years,Through innovative technologies and polishing services, tdsql continues to help the industry realize digital transformation at low cost and promote the future development of domestic databases

Tdsql dates back to 2004. At that time, Tencent was still fully using the open source database based on MySQL database, and some massive data analysis and financial parts were also running on Oracle database. However, Tencent’s growth rate has far exceeded the bearing capacity of open source databases and traditional commercial databases. It often appears that “the report time has come but the data has not come out”. So in 2007, Tencent decided to develop its own database.

We must make a product worthy of this era”Pan Anqun, technical director of Tencent cloud database who has personally experienced the development and growth of tdsql, said.

The ideal is full, but the reality is skinny. It’s OK to say that Tencent’s internal business is large, but the good thing is that the model is single, the number is limited, and the limited manpower can still cope with it. However, with the launch of Tencent’s “open strategy” in 2010, a large number of small manufacturers swarmed in, and each customer had various demands. Different business scenarios required tdsql to have the ability to serve diversified customers. At the same time, because money related businesses are involved, every operation of tdsql must be error free, which has also become a challenge to be addressed. But there is no turning back when you open the bow, and you have to rush forward even if you have to bite the bullet.

In 2012, tdsql solved this problem and promoted domestic databases to a new level. Tencent restructured the customized architecture of the underlying database and polished theMore general and standardizedAnd officially named tdsql to solve the problems of high availability, data consistency and horizontal scalability in financial and other business systems.

The painstaking study of the underlying technology of the database and the polishing and verification of internal and external scenarios have given tdsql the confidence to actually deploy in the core financial scenarios.

Zhang Wen, an expert engineer of Tencent cloud database, was responsible for the implementation of the core transformation of the Bank of Hong Kong and Zhangjiakou. He described it as follows:“The core system is the heart of the financial business system, and the database of the core system is the heart of the heart. The difficulty of transforming the database of the core system is tantamount to a heart replacement operation。” Under such circumstances, it is even more difficult for domestic databases to enter the traditional core with many business types and complex processes and realize large-scale production.

Over the years, Tencent cloud database tdsql has made continuous breakthroughs in database security, consistency, financial level availability and reliability, solved the most difficult technical challenges faced by the localization of financial databases, achieved major breakthroughs in the first application of domestic databases in the core scenarios of banks, the downshift of large computers, and the nationwide industrialization of software and hardware, and helped the financial industry achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase of IT technology, digital transformation and upgrading. At present, tdsql has served nearlyHalf of the top 20 banks in China, and the service proportion of the top 10 banks is as high as 60%, helping more than 20 financial institutions to replace their core systemsIncluding Ping An Bank, Zhangjiagang rural commercial bank, Kunshan rural commercial bank and other banks, insurance companies, securities companies and pan financial government enterprises.


A powerful database can support the efficient application of big data. Tdsql distributed analysis engine tdsql-a is based on high-performance and massive query analysis capabilities. It can make a larger number of data calculations and statistics at the same time, and improve business processing efficiency. In the application of digital Guangdong People’s livelihood government affairs, tdsql-a support system carries6000 Multiple types of encrypted table queries enable93million peopleDon’t make a trip to work. In 2020, it will also helpBillion levelThe data scale of the “Seventh National Census” was promoted electronically and efficiently.


The development of domestic databases is inseparable from a sound industrial ecosystem. On the basis of continuous innovation in product technology, it is more critical to cultivate application talents and jointly build ecological cooperation.

Tencent cloud database tdsql continues to help promote sustainable development of domestic databasesOpen source ecosystem construction。 Tdsql PG version is a database product with HTAP capability. After 8 years of continuous investment, open source has been popular soonEuropean Space Agency, National Observatories, and healthcare, retailAnd other industries. In addition, tdsql has invested tens of millions of funds and resources to carry outLocalization of upstream and downstream ecological adaptationIt has completed in-depth adaptation with mainstream localized servers, operating systems and middleware, and supported key businesses in the national core systems of government affairs, people’s livelihood and finance.

Training of Applied TalentsOn the one hand, in order to cultivate sophisticated domestic database talents in the whole society, tdsql has built a ladder type talent training and certification system. The training and certification system has been selected into the information innovation talent training catalogue of the working committee and the fourth Institute of electronics. Tens of thousands of people have obtained tdsql related certification. Not long ago, Tencent cloud database tdsql training camp officially ended, covering 100 colleges and universities, with more than 4000 people participating in the study.

Only when it is difficult, can it be more courageous; Only if they do it, can they be precious; Only when it is honed can we achieve success.

In May, 2021, Tencent cloud enterprise level distributed database tdsql was officially selected at the China brand day sub Forum on brand building in the electronic information industry held in Shanghai“China brand day 2021 domestic new product promotion catalogue of electronic information industry”。

In february2022, the 2021 list of “scientific innovation in China” series guided and hosted by China Association for science and technology was officially released,Tencent cloud enterprise level distributed database tdsql was selected into the 2021 “science and innovation China” leading technology list, is the only database product selected in the list.


Excellence never ends, and the leap never stops. At a time when domestic databases are about to enter the stage of large-scale replication, Tencent cloud database tdsql, which has gone through 18 years, will help 1000 financial institutions realize the localization transformation of core systems in the next five years, continue to help the future development of domestic databases, and deliver more satisfactory answers.

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