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According to the data of IDC, a world-famous technology market research institution, the global information technology industry is expected to reach $5.2 trillion by 2020. With the rapid development of the Internet industry, the employment salary of IT industry will continue to rise. However, the work intensity, industry competition, layoff pressure and outbreak of epidemic situation make it staff’s salary road still rough. Facing the second half of the tightening, Internet developers must constantly improve themselves, constantly enhance their sensitivity to new things and patience of high-level knowledge, so that they can not stand up when the wind and rain comes. If the front-end developers want to improve themselves, they also need to constantly understand new knowledge, contact the industry bulls, and see the industry trend. At the TLC conference, whether you are a senior developer in the industry or a novice Xiaobai, you can get benefits.

Introduction to the conference


TLC Tencent live conference (TLC) is carefully built by Tencent’s watching team and ivweb The technology conference for global large front-end field sponsored by the team is committed to promoting and promoting the communication and technological innovation in the field of large front-end, information flow, serverless, audio and video, live broadcast, image processing and other fields in the whole industry. The purpose of the conference is to create a high-quality and high-standard industry exchange conference. Through the sharing and exchange of well-known lecturers in the industry, we can help the participants understand the characteristics of various technical fields Development trend and practical cases. At present, TLC has been successfully held for three times, which provides an opportunity for domestic and foreign developers in the field of live broadcast to share the technology development trend and industry trends. If you are interested in technology, you must not miss this excellent opportunity for in-depth offline communication with industry bulls.

The theme of this TLC conference is “front end intelligent manufacturing, new content”, covering social, e-commerce, entertainment and other fields. The lecturers are technical experts from Tencent, Ali, PayPal, bilibilibili, Jingdong and other well-known enterprises, and have rich experience in sharing the conference. The conference will be held onSeptember 5, 2020In a dynamicShenzhen Kexing Science Park International Conference CenterMeet with developers.

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Special presentation

Lecturer lineup

The conference has been invited to Node.js Technical preacher uncle wolf《 Node.js He is the author of “a dozen C + + extensions”, Miaojing, R & D director of intelligent code generation platform imgcook, TL pan Xin of Tencent PCG technology operation Department, Fu Qiang, senior front-end development engineer of bilibilibili main station technology center, Zhu Tianjian, core development of taro framework, and Tencent cloud coding Devops Wang Wei, the back-end engineer, and many other domestic well-known enterprise technical experts.

Main venue

From the perspective of industry standards, technical specifications, language development, cutting-edge trends and other perspectives, this paper analyzes and interprets the most popular technologies and topics in the industry to help developers quickly select technology and provide effective best practices. What fields will lead the new trend and which fields will last forever? TLC main venue will explore with you.


Cutting edge technology

The world of technology is changing rapidly, and we won’t stop at all because we shout “don’t update and learn”. Cutting edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, web assembly and serverless, will become the focus of our attention. It is necessary to keep a keen sense of the cutting-edge technology and how to maintain its unique competitiveness in the highly convoluted Internet industry. Expert engineers from Tencent, Ali, Jingdong and bilibilibili combined their first-line experience to bring us a “future has come” cutting-edge technology special session.


R & D performance

With the popularity of Devops in recent years, more and more new words come into the eyes of developers, such as continuous integration, agile development, automated deployment, automated testing, lean software development and continuous delivery, etc. R & D efficiency has become the core competitiveness of software enterprises, and is also the only way for developers to move to higher level. The hot front-end intelligence is also committed to reducing the boring and repetitive work in the front-end development process through machine learning and artificial intelligence. With the advent of 5g era, cloud desktop and cloud office may become the standard configuration in the future. With the rapid development of the industry, R & D efficiency will bring you more cutting-edge technology sharing.


Information flow

Information flow has become an important track in the content field of the Internet industry. As the professional information flow team of Tencent, now live broadcast, browser and watching teams have accumulated a lot of excellent practices in the technical field, and have always maintained a keen sense of the latest technology in the industry. It is hoped that through this sharing, participants can learn about the latest technology practice in the field of information flow.


Ticketing information

There are four types of tickets: early bird ticket (199), student ticket (169), full price ticket (399) and group ticket.

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