Ten super practical tool websites for hematemesis sorting


Usually I like to collect some practical and interesting websites. The following are websites that I have kept for a long time. Once I know, I can’t do without them~

1. Free mind mapping software: gitmind


It’s necessary to do brain mapping at work. This website is a completely free brain mapping website. It’s easy to operate and easy to use. It’s definitely a website that makes you hate to meet too late.

Bring countless templates, and will continue to update, support teamwork, it is too conscience.

2. Slacker: bgeraser


Bgeraser is an online automatic matting website. The method is very simple. Upload the image you want to matting, wait a little more than ten seconds, and then automatically complete the matting, and save it to the local. The effect of matting is also very good. It’s a lazy matting artifact

3. Designer navigation: figure wing


This is a necessary website for designers. This website includes all kinds of practical websites, such as free commercial fonts, gradient schemes, vector icon library, copyright free high-definition gallery and so on. It is a treasure for designers! In addition, the left navigation bar is also a good classification, want to find anything quickly, easy to use!

4. Online programming training website: lintcode


This website is simply a website for programmers to brush questions. The algorithm questions and data structure are subdivided according to difficulty and category. It is very convenient for programmers who want to improve themselves or for job interviews to brush questions. What’s more, each question has detailed notes and discussions from others. After finishing the question, you can see the notes of the great God. Isn’t it beautiful!

5. Hot tracking tool: today’s hot list


This is also a collection of websites. In short, it integrates all the hot information of major websites, so that you can quickly understand what is the most popular and what everyone is most concerned about. For people who need to track hot spots, it’s really super practical, and they don’t need to search one website at a time.

6. Xiaobai’s artifact: maker’s paste


I use the most map site is this, simply speaking, is designed for Xiaobai, massive templates are mostly free, want to do what type of map, directly find the template, replace the material, modify the text can do! New media maps, resume templates, Taobao details page, PPT templates, mobile phone posters, and even elabo have templates. They are super functional, and the templates are updated in a timely manner. With more use of this tool, I suddenly feel that I am also a designer

7. Programmer Toolbox: online tools


Listen to the name, it’s also a collection website. It has many functions, including development, webmaster and geek. It has hundreds of functions. These functions are online tools, that is, click to use, very convenient. In addition, there are also some columns, such as code farm library, strange and obscene tricks, website navigation, etc., all of which are practical dry goods and skills.

8. Online PS tool: draft design


As like as two peas, sometimes you can do some pictures without installing PS. You can try this online PS tool, which is exactly the same as PS and has complete functions. There are also intelligent matting, one click to change the background color of ID photos and other functions. Making small pictures is even better than the software version. The most important thing is that there is no need to download the software, which is very convenient.

9. Free PNG material website: stickpng


This is a dedicated PNG material website, which is all HD free PNG material, rich material and very good quality. And a lot of material are popular network class, used to do expression pack or P picture is not too easy to use

10. Online Pdf conversion tool: Easy Pdf


Super practical!!! Whether PDF to word, PPT, Excel or word, JPG to PDF can be easily realized, the key is completely free

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