Technology changes life on the exploration and practice of Alibaba cloud hybrid cloud


Introduction:   Maybe you don’t know “Alibaba cloud hybrid cloud” and haven’t even heard of “hybrid cloud”, but it is “silently” changing people’s lives behind the scenes.

Maybe you don’t know “Alibaba cloud hybrid cloud” and haven’t even heard of “hybrid cloud”, but it is “silently” changing people’s lives behind the scenes. From the governance of smart cities to the payment of electricity and telephone bills, it has its shadow behind it. Let’s take a look at this “silent” and unknown “technical infrastructure for digital transformation of government and enterprises” through a few “chestnuts”.

Make government services more convenient!

Recently, the number of duty-free shops on Hainan’s outlying islands has increased to 9, but what you don’t know is that Alibaba cloud hybrid cloud is “silently” changing the lives of citizens and tourists in Haikou, the capital of Hainan Province. Alibaba cloud hybrid cloud, together with Haikou science, technology and industry informatization Bureau, has built an e-government cloud platform, data center and Government Center for Haikou, opened up more than 200 systems, realized the city’s unified identity authentication, unified payment, unified logistics and unified SMS gateway, and provided underlying data interconnection and sharing support for “no meeting approval” and “one network”“ By logging in at one entrance of “Coconut City minyun”, you can obtain 472 public services from 62 provinces and cities, benefiting more than 1.8 million citizens and tourists.

Technology changes life on the exploration and practice of Alibaba cloud hybrid cloud

At present, Haikou Urban brain has become the first comprehensive urban brain benchmark in China. In May 2020, IDC announced the 2020 Asia Pacific Smart City Award (SCAPA). Haikou stood out from more than 200 participating cities and won the smart city award in the field of administration.

Make finance more inclusive!

Guangdong Federation of rural credit cooperatives, which is often referred to as “Guangdong rural credit”, can be said to be in line with Alibaba cloud hybrid cloud in terms of unknown contribution. Aiming at serving “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, small and medium-sized enterprises and county economy, Guangdong rural credit is the leader of the national rural credit system and an important force of Guangdong rural finance. By the end of 2019, there were 87 rural commercial banks (rural credit cooperatives) under the jurisdiction of Guangdong rural credit cooperatives, with a total asset of 3.33 trillion yuan, more than 5500 business outlets and more than 200 million accounts. It is a real hidden “super rural commercial bank”.

Technology changes life on the exploration and practice of Alibaba cloud hybrid cloud

Alibaba cloud’s proprietary cloud helps Guangdong rural credit to realize the cloud upgrading of IT architecture. Learn from Alibaba’s “business platform” to build a rural inclusive financial ecosystem for financial services, e-commerce services and industrial services. Reconstruct the big data system based on the cloud platform, build a data center, promote data intelligent applications, realize the “yuenong e-Loan” pure online loan mode, and approve the loan in one minute as soon as possible.

Make energy more efficient!

What are you most inseparable from in life? Is it a mobile phone or a computer? Is it electric light or TV? Is it an air conditioner or a refrigerator? In fact, these products are inseparable from electricity. Power industry is an important basic energy industry in the development of national economy, which is closely related to people’s life and production. Under the tide of digital economy, digital transformation has become the key strategy for the development of power enterprises.

Technology changes life on the exploration and practice of Alibaba cloud hybrid cloud

China Southern Power Grid is one of the two major power grid enterprises in China. The power supply area covers five provinces (autonomous regions) of Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and Hainan, with a power supply area of 1 million square kilometers and a power supply population of more than 250 million. Alibaba cloud’s proprietary cloud helps China Southern Power Grid build an intelligent power dispatching cloud, which can realize unified account authority management, unified resource monitoring and dispatching, and hierarchical operation and maintenance. Based on cloud native technology, a second scale expansion of computing resources and plug and play cloud SCADA system is developed, which processes more than 60000 messages per second. The whole system is “one click” deployed in 70 seconds and rapidly expanded in 10 seconds. Integrating cloud computing, data middle desk and machine learning technology, the power dispatching AI platform is developed to realize self-service machine learning experience for business personnel. It can quickly generate data samples and quickly realize algorithm iteration. The accuracy of AI algorithm for power grid load forecasting is as high as 97%.

Make traffic smarter!

“Miss your relatives every festival”. Near the Spring Festival, every traveller is looking forward to returning to his hometown as soon as possible. In addition to plane and train, more and more people begin to choose self driving. The sudden epidemic has made self driving a safer form of returning home (of course, in view of the special circumstances of this year, it is best for everyone to spend the new year locally). However, when you run on the highway, do you notice that the charge is more reasonable? Are roads smarter?

Technology changes life on the exploration and practice of Alibaba cloud hybrid cloud

Alibaba cloud hybrid cloud helps Shaoxing exchange and investment build Hangzhou Shaoxing Taiwan smart expressway. With the help of Alibaba cloud’s proprietary cloud and cloud control platform, build the first intelligent Expressway with a complete architecture in China, create four characteristic scenes of “quasi all-weather access”, “vehicle road coordination”, “smart tunnel” and “smart service area”, build applications such as traffic management, asset management, information service and emergency management, and realize quasi all-weather access, accompanying information service Innovative functions such as tunnel emergency collaborative disposal.

It is understood that as early as 2014, Alibaba cloud launched a fully self-developed native hybrid cloud with the same architecture and homology with the public cloud, which is also the first large-scale commercial in China. After more than six years of development, Alibaba cloud has assisted governments at all levels to build 18 provincial and more than 100 municipal government clouds, and launched digital transformation cooperation with hundreds of banks and large central enterprises, making silent contributions to the construction of digital economy in the motherland.

Just as people are used to discussing luxury cars such as “Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi”, they don’t care about the road under their feet, but the road silently carries people’s rush to and from work, yearning for their hometown and dreams far away. As the technical infrastructure for the digital transformation of government and enterprises, Alibaba cloud hybrid cloud may not attract your attention, but it makes your life better in obscurity! Let’s loudly praise the alicloud hybrid cloud nicknamed “silent”!

Technology changes life on the exploration and practice of Alibaba cloud hybrid cloud

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