Teach you to solve the problem that there is no sound in the computer microphone


Many friends’ computers have newly installed microphones. As a result, they find that the microphone has no sound when using it. Generally speaking, the microphone has no sound mainly because there are no relevant settings. The following Xiaobian will tell you how to set up the microphone.

Through the computer microphone, we can talk or voice and video chat, but some friends react with Xiaobian that the computer microphone has no sound. For this problem, you can solve it by making some simple system settings.

Teach you to solve the problem of no sound in the computer microphone:

1. Enter the system desktop, click the horn icon in the lower right corner of the desktop, and select the recording device to enter the next step.

2. Click the microphone in the sound interface, and then click the Properties button at the bottom right of the interface to open it.

3. Ensure that the device is enabled in usage.

4. Switch the level option in the new interface, and then set the sound of the microphone to the maximum, and the microphone is strengthened appropriately.

5. Then click Advanced options, change the original frequency, and click OK.