Teach you how to use plasmafinance


Decentralized finance, or our more familiar term, defi, has become the fastest-growing sector in the field of encryption or blockchain. At present, the value of assets locked in various protocols of defi is close to $40 billion.

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These figures show that thousands of people are looking for unique opportunities in the field of defi to obtain passive income every day. Anyone has the opportunity as long as there is an Internet connection and cryptocurrency. Indeed, in the field of defi, the concept of open finance is being put into practice. No matter its geographical location, identity, income or social history, everyone can seek benefits in this field.

The ways to make money in defi are becoming more and more diverse. If we say that in 2018, most defi platforms make it easier for people to obtain interest from loans, today they can obtain benefits from more diversified activities. In addition to loans, pledge, liquidity mining and income farming have also become more and more popular means.

Is there a simpler and better way to enter defi?

Defi is a double-edged sword. The decentralization of management role also leads to the decentralization of supervision and responsibility. In other words, as a user, you have complete control over your decisions.

However, this field is still dazzling. There are too many platforms to choose from, and there is hardly any real way to distinguish between good and bad. It’s not easy to identify good opportunities in defi: you don’t simply buy a token and sell it at a higher price, or expect to automatically earn a return by investing your assets in any liquidity pool!

Most defi applications and platforms, including decentralized exchange (DEX) or automatic market maker (AMM), cannot provide useful tools or information for you to navigate smoothly in the foggy waters of defi.

Fortunately, however, we have been operating plasmapay since 2017 and are familiar with the concerns and anxieties in this field. With the launch of plasmafinance, our goal is to simplify the journey of all users, whether they are professionals familiar with financial services and products or novice encryption users eager to improve their defi performance.

How does plasmafinance really help you improve your defi earning skills? Let’s take you through this all-in-one defi platform, introduce you to some of the most useful functions and services, and how they can help you improve your defi performance!

1. No cryptocurrency? don’t worry. Plasmafinance allows you to purchase cryptocurrency with your bank card or bank account immediately through the legal currency in / out channel provided by plasmapay!

Teach you how to use plasmafinance

You may have learned about a popular defi token, or heard about the new working capital pool and can’t wait to buy some of them. Just after entering a DEX, you will find that you need to use some cryptocurrency to exchange these tokens, which may be eth or usdt, Or any kind of token provided in the token swap market or liquidity pool.

If you are completely a rookie in the field of cryptocurrency, you will be helpless, because you first need to buy cryptocurrency in Euro or US dollar or other legal tender. Most DEX and AMM do not offer such transactions at all.

Fortunately, plasmafinance provides this service through plasmapay! Our service can be used in more than 160 countries / regions. Just associate your debit card / credit card bank account, you can buy cryptocurrency directly from us, and then exchange the required tokens; Is it simple?

2. Determine the optimal price, liquidity and revenue through our decentralized exchange aggregator.

Teach you how to use plasmafinance

Now you are ready to buy or exchange cryptocurrency, but you will soon realize that it is impossible to find the best price without manually checking all AMMS (uni, sushi, year, etc.).

It’s best to have a way to view the real-time exchange rate of tokens in each market in order to achieve the best transaction of exchange or liquidity pool, right? Plasmafinance can fully meet your needs! Just enter the required token to get all possible information about it from all major defi protocols and AMMS (currently including plasmaswap, uniswap and sushiswap)!

You can get the maximum value at the optimal exchange rate without spending more money, and exchange them directly from your coinbase or metamask wallet at the optimal exchange rate.

3. The decentralized markets page provides more information and in-depth analysis

Teach you how to use plasmafinance

If you visit most DEX or AMM in this field, you will find that you don’t know where to start to understand those tokens. Plasmafinance will not let you lose your way. Our decentralized markets page allows you to keep abreast of every move in the defi world!

Imagine coinmarketcap, Oracle using mainstream defi protocols such as AAVE, chainlink and BSC to provide decentralized information! The Oracle means objective data, not manipulated numbers.

You can better understand the liquidity data, transaction volume, market and annualized yield forecast. The link will directly take you to the fund pool or official website page. According to the most popular market categories, such as defi token and even eth2.0 mortgage pool.

4. Use plasmaswap to trade like a professional

Teach you how to use plasmafinance

Forget everything you say about DEX and make complaints about it. Plasmaswap is a DEX designed to make up for the shortcomings of existing DEX and AMM boards.

Here, defi is no longer clumsy and intuitive. With a smooth user interface and intuitive controls, as well as all the functions of a centralized trading platform, you can trade easily and happily with defi. Enjoy the industry’s first advanced order types, such as limit orders and stop loss orders, and enjoy the tools that make transactions faster, cheaper and more liquid!

5. With our one-step flash rebalance, mobility can switch tracks at will.

Teach you how to use plasmafinance

In the field of defi, liquidity management can be very painful. Imagine that just transferring your assets from one liquidity pool of one agreement to another, you may need at least 4 transactions to exchange these two currency pairs! It means that you need to pay 4 fees, 4 times the confirmation time and 4 times the pressure.

How would it feel if we told you that you only need one transaction to select the fund pool you want to participate in and transfer your working capital to any other fund pool (or create your own fund pool)?

Plasmafinance’s flash rebalance is the answer to this challenge, eliminating all the complexity of liquidity balancing while saving you time and cost.

Now come to a conclusion! It’s not as difficult as before to become a successful defi trader and improve your revenue skills. Why not try plasmafinance now and see how easy it is to become a profi professional!

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Teach you how to use plasmafinance