Tcapsusdb live broadcast review | database architecture and actual combat analysis


Database as the infrastructure of Internet business, as the collection of data acquisition, production and processing data, delivery data, its importance is self-evident. From the traditional database to the distributed database which is very popular with many advantages in recent years, database products emerge in an endless stream, and the database architecture as the core of the database also has many changes.

A common reason for the failure of a database project is that the developers of the project team do not have enough understanding of the database and the basic knowledge of the tools used. On the 1st of this month, Zhang Ming, an expert engineer of Tencent cloud database, conducted a live broadcast of the architecture and actual combat of Tencent game core database tcapsusdb, This paper describes the architecture and practical operation of tcapsusdb, a distributed NoSQL database specially designed for games, and emphasizes the complete training system and friendly project access design of tcapsusdb.

Tcapsusdb live broadcast review | database architecture and actual combat analysis

In this live broadcast, the number of live page views (PV) reached 21818, and the audience responded enthusiastically. In the feedback of the live broadcast questionnaire after class, the average score of the audience’s satisfaction with the content reached 9 points (full score of 10 points), and the content satisfaction was 99%, which proved that the content of this live broadcast was what the target audience wanted to hear, The live guest’s explanation solved the audience’s doubts about the special structure of the database and the special features of the database supporting the game.

At the end of the live broadcast, a free question session was set up. The interaction between the audience and the live guests was frequent. Many audiences raised their own confusion, and the teacher also gave a detailed answer in the live broadcast.Tcapsusdb live broadcast review | database architecture and actual combat analysis

Friends who missed the live broadcast need not feel sorry. The replay of this live broadcast is at:

Tcapsusdb live broadcast review | database architecture and actual combat analysis

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Tencent cloud database expert engineer carefully prepared the core technology of tcapsusdb, database technology promotion, tcapsusdb design science and practice and other industries dry goods waiting for you!

Tcapsusdb is a distributed NoSQL database produced by Tencent. The code for storage and scheduling is completely self-developed. It has the characteristics of cache + landing fusion architecture, Pb level storage, millisecond delay, lossless horizontal expansion and complex data structure. At the same time, it has the characteristics of rich ecology, convenient migration, extremely low operation and maintenance cost and five nine high availability. Customers cover games, Internet, government affairs, finance, manufacturing and Internet of things.