Tcaplus DBX and love at night


Ingenious music and painting, beautiful love, just want to write a sweet love song for you

The “love between light and night” mobile game, which was independently developed by the aurora borealis studio group and provided storage service by tcapsusdb database, has successfully completed a new round of paid file deletion test “dawn test” launched on April 7!

Tcaplus DBX and love at night

Love of light and night is a highly immersive and interactive love mobile game, which brings together top CV, hall level composer, super first-line painter and luxury screenwriter team at home and abroad to create a unique real love atmosphere, multi line plot and destiny choice, bringing users a new highly immersive and interactive love experience.

In the “dawn test”, love of light and night opened up a wealth of game content, including the main line, role encounter, romantic dating and other game scenarios, leading designers to explore the city of light. In addition to the “Grandma’s shop”, “night variations”, “study tour” and “Starlight Pavilion” which were tested and opened before, “dawn test” also launched “my make-up”, “messenger Tour” and other new play methods, which made the “designer’s” journey to Guangqi city rich and colorful!

It continues the high production level of the aurora borealis, whether it’s the ups and downs of the plot, the touching soundtrack, or the interpretation of the famous dubbing actors, the exquisite pictures carefully drawn by the super front-line painters all show the ultimate pursuit of the product quality and player experience of “love of light and night”.

Ingenuity has always been the most real intention of the “love of light and night” team towards the game itself.

Such a game with high requirements and high standards for game quality has very high requirements for data services. As a database with high concurrency and low latency, tcaplusdb provides high-quality database services for game business, making “love between light and night” mobile game more focused on game business.

Why tcapsusdb

Tcapsusdb is a key value database, which has the characteristics of high performance, high availability, dynamic expansion and easy to use. It is extremely friendly to the game business. Tcapsusdb’s extremely low operation and maintenance cost and rich ecology are also the reasons why the mobile game “love of light and night” chooses to combine with tcapsusdb.

For the long-term development of a game business, the operation and maintenance cost of database products and rich ecology are very important. Tcapsusdb provides the switching ability of in-process data in memory and disk, active data in memory and inactive data in disk, which is more cost-effective than full internal storage. The extremely low operation and maintenance cost of tcapsusdb keeps the expenditure of game business on database at an ideal level in the long-term development. The rich ecology of tcapsusdb makes tcapsusdb compatible with game business.

At the same time, tcapsusdb has the characteristics of cache + landing fusion architecture, Pb level storage, millisecond delay, lossless horizontal expansion and complex data structure, and supports the business mode of full service in the whole region, partition and sub service, millisecond granularity backup and file back, non-stop service expansion and reduction, automatic service integration and other functions.

Tcapsusdb also supports fast file back function. In practical use, it can quickly pull the cold standby parallel decompression, automatically file back in the whole process, support data accurate time point file back, the file back time can be accurate to milliseconds, and support a variety of file back modes, such as full service file back, single table file back, record file back, condition file back, etc. For users, tcapsusdb’s fast backfiling can reduce the failure loss, and can be used as a game product capability to provide more choices for product operation.

Tcapsusdb has been committed to providing customers with data services with high cost performance, high performance and strong security. In the future, tcapsusdb will continue to move forward as the leader of domestic key value database.

Tcaplus DBX and love at night

Go with customers, the power of trust

Every time the database optimization and landing, whether TB level or Pb level, need to pay efforts. Behind each seemingly easy, there are unknown efforts, behind each seemingly bright, there are unknown efforts. Determined to be the best distributed NoSQL database, tcapsusdb is willing to work hand in hand with “love of light and night” and every customer to achieve the ultimate in everything.