Taskctl product installation FAQs


Q: What is the default user name and password for first login?

Answer:TASKCTLAfter installation, the default user name and password are admin, and later users and passwords are managed through the admin program.

Q: How to solve the server-side installation garbled code?

Answer:You can modify the session character set of the terminal or remote connection tools (such as xmanager, putty, sshsecureshell, SecureCRT, etc.) to GBK / GB18030 character set, and then reconnect the server to display the session in Chinese.

Q: The software installation prompts that the environment variable is not set?

Answer:This problem is mainly because the environment variable is not configured or the configuration does not take effect. Installing taskctl requires two environment variables, which are in the root directory of the installation user bash_ Profile (trial run of some operating systems). Profile)

export TASKCTLDIR=$HOME/taskctl


Then install the user or source by logging in to taskctl again bash_ Profile, and finally check whether it is effective by printing the value in the environment variable, echo $taskctldir.

Q: The service was started, but the graphics client could not connect?

Answer:Whether the Linux server configuration port is open (firewall iptables / firewall open port) (for users who have been in normal use in the early stage, it may take effect temporarily when the port is open and become invalid after restart).

Q: How to make sure the server starts normally?

Answer:After installation, the user can check the relevant properties with the ctlninfo command to see whether the taskctl background service starts normally.

Q: Failed to start the service during installation?

Answer:Generally, the port is occupied. New users are advised to reinstall and modify the access port during reinstallation;

Old users can modify the configuration file $taskctldir / conf / ctlinit CTL port value in CFG and $taskctldir / conf / ctlconf In XMLCurrent IPFollowed byxxxxxAnd then restart the service implementation.

Q: Stop the service and then start the service. Start failure occurs?

Answer:There are usually two situations:

  1. Start as soon as you stop. It may be because the release port has not been recycled by the system when you stop. If you fail to apply for allocation again when you start, wait 30 seconds before you start.
  2. It may be that the environment variable does not take effect. Generally, you want to restart the scheduling service after the server is restarted, but you do not switch users, or you do not use Su – to make the environment variable of the switched user effective. Verify echo $taskctldir to see if there is correct output.

Q: Timeout of communication between client and server?

Answer:It could beMessage queueIf the ctlucd process is blocked or dies unexpectedly, check the log and verify the specific situation through the message queue status IPCs and process status PS. generally, the service needs to be restarted (version 5.0: the status of the service is recorded in the scheduling. After restart, the last status will be automatically read. Generally, there is no need to worry about the running process status).

Q: Is there any garbled code on the server side when editing the configuration file or modifying the plug-in with Vi?

Answer:The character set of taskctl is GBK. Modify the environment variable Lang of the current shell to zh_ CN. GBK, command example: lang = zh_ CN. GBK.

Q: The Windows client was successfully installed but the program could not be run?

Answer:Generally speaking, there is no Net environment, this problem mainly exists in XP and win7 NET 。 No, Net environment, inTASKCTLOr download a separate one from Microsoft’s official website Net4 and above environment installation package can be installed.