Talking about Xinchuang ecology, kangaroo cloud stack officially settled in China Xinchuang service community


Under the tide of “digitization” and “new infrastructure”, the information and innovation industry has ushered in a golden opportunity for development, and the independent information industry has developed rapidly. Manufacturers related to the information and innovation industry are actively carrying out compatibility and adaptation, building a “community of destiny” in the information and innovation field and creating a perfect ecosystem.

At present, kangaroo cloud has completed product compatibility mutual certification with 10 domestic operating system, server, database and chip manufacturers, such as Tongxin software, Kirin software, Zhongke Fangde, Huawei, Feiteng, zstack, NPC Jincang, NANDA general, Dameng and Godson. The joint test shows that several stacks of dtinsight are compatible with each other and the system function runs stably.

Recently, kangaroo cloud and great wall technology have carried out active cooperation on information and innovation. At the invitation of great wall technology, kangaroo cloud has officially settled in the China information and innovation service community it created, and worked together to “ride the wind and waves” to create a information and innovation service community.

China Xinchuang service community is an online adaptation service platform independently developed by Hunan Great Wall Science and Technology Information Co., Ltd. It is a service platform for Xinchuang industry with national production structure. It has completely independent localization core technology support. The platform can provide development tutorials, development basic environment, development tools, open source system Developer community, application market and other services to solve the technical problems in the localization process of various industries.

At present, China’s Xinchuang service community has operated stably for more than one year, passed the trusted cloud certification and scientific and technological achievement evaluation, and won the 2020 network security technology application pilot demonstration project of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the 2020 China Science and technology innovation best practice technical achievement award. The community has supported more than 260 relevant enterprises to complete the adaptation work, released a total of 2659 adaptation products, accumulated a large number of advantageous resources of information innovation enterprises and products, and has mature information innovation ecological service capacity.

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Talking about Xinchuang ecology, kangaroo cloud stack officially settled in China Xinchuang service community
Talking about Xinchuang ecology, kangaroo cloud stack officially settled in China Xinchuang service community
Kangaroo cloud’s self-developed cloud native one-stop data platform PAAS – several stacks of dtinsight has self-controlled cloud native data platform core technology, and has three characteristics of natural cloud native, self-developed core engine and financial security, covering data source collection, offline computing, real-time computing, data mining, data governance, data asset management Data sharing services and other services support the entire data middle platform life cycle, support privatization deployment, can be directly installed locally, and master data independently. It is an ideal enterprise data middle platform infrastructure platform. So far, kangaroo cloud has successfully provided digital transformation and upgrading services for 3000 + customers such as Huaxia Bank, China Merchants Securities, Ping An Life, Zhejiang University, Sun Yat sen University, Li Ning and Feihe.

In the follow-up, kangaroo cloud digital stack will continue to cooperate with more excellent domestic information innovation manufacturers, create a localization ecology with digital stack ddinsight as the link, gather domestic high-quality resources, accelerate localization substitution in the high-tech field, and provide strong technical and product support for digital transformation and “new infrastructure” construction.

Data stack is a cloud native one-stop data platform PAAS. We have an interesting open source project on GitHub and gitee: flinkx. Flinkx is a unified data synchronization tool for batch flow based on Flink. It can collect both static data and real-time changing data. It is a data synchronization engine integrating global, heterogeneous and batch flow. Please order us a star if you like! star! star!

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