Talk about the team, position and income of developer career planning


The reputation of the trainee moderator is not enough. Let’s write an article on career thinking.


I’m not going to say what a good team is like, because it’s easy to fall into the stereotype of chicken soup. Just to say, what is the dimension of individual consideration for the team.

First of all, what kind of leadership is suitable for youMatching with leaders
Take myself as an example. At the beginning of graduation, I was lucky to be led by a responsible leader for more than one year, so I grew up quickly. At that time, the leaders were also learning how to become a leader. In this process, the leaders assigned the right people to guide me, which made me more familiar with the work content. But more than a year later, there was a problem. At that time, the direct leader just gave me the name of the group leader, but he didn’t tell me how to change my identity, and the corresponding treatment didn’t improve, so I was in a state of mind and left my job before the pay rise and the official title promotion. Therefore, at the beginning of my graduation, I had a high degree of matching with the leaders. However, as time goes by, things are easy to do, things are easy to prepare for change, and the degree of matching is low. Naturally, I parted ways. I am still very grateful to the leaders at that time.
ActuallyTeam atmosphere. An open and dynamic team should be well received by all of you in the programmer industry. But if we just seek stability, we will not have a good time in a company that emphasizes the so-called wolf nature.


Job responsibilities will be related to the embodiment of the sense of value. For a particularly important post, obviously there is no small room for improvement. If you are in a marginal position, you may be dismissed at any time. Don’t listen to the leader say how important you are. In other words, don’t look at what he says, but what he sees. If you do not return to work and your colleagues return to work during the epidemic period, then your position is naturally unimportant and can not be clearer.


I won’t say much about the income. Salary and benefits directly determine whether you will continue to work. Many people complain about 996, but there are also many people who say that it is OK to give enough money. Some say that if 996 is paid, it will be more than half of 955’s salary. Medical workers, civil servants, institutions and so on, high welfare jobs, happiness is not low, especially the epidemic led to many people being laid off, but these jobs are very stable.

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