Talk about developer career planning 2


How to consider career development

From four aspects, career, self, gender, communication. Having a clear understanding and more thinking about your career path earlier will bring more changes.
Systematic cognition, more comprehensive consideration, constant examination of one’s career and clearer perception of the future road will bring nutrition and nourish one’s life.

My six years’ work summary

In recent years, my choice of work is either out of preference or because of salary. In other words, more out of salary considerations, continuous job hopping, no precipitation, more in-depth learning of programming language. I often Tucao, the domestic.NET wages are low, no money road, just graduated from the Java should be too much, and make complaints about these years did not seize the opportunity to change to do Java. But in essence, I didn’t go deep into C # language to study the underlying principles of. Net framework, the background of its emergence, what problems have been solved, and so on.

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