Take you to see how mengping group has become the four little dragons of Shanghai online new economy


Summary:Huawei cloud database and Mengping Group actively seek digital transformation, and use technological innovation to support decentralized e-commerce platform transactions to be more stable and efficient.

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In recent years, the rise of national tide has accelerated the emergence of domestic brands. As a distinctive cultural attitude and lifestyle, the rise of national tide reflects the confidence of the new generation of young people in traditional culture and their desire to pursue consumption upgrading.

The upgrading of manufacturing end and supply chain end is the basis for the birth and rapid growth of new consumer brands. Thanks to the advantages of large traffic and convenient transaction of e-commerce platform, Mengfeng group, a new e-commerce model of community, has also become an important force to help the growth of new consumer brands. As a provider of new e-commerce infrastructure, mengping has businesses such as rating stores, love inventory and love bean school, which has helped more than 10000 brands sell nearly 400 million goods and reached hundreds of millions of consumers, providing opportunities for more than 2 million shopkeepers to start businesses and generate income. Various business indicators have increased several times year after year, and are known as the four little dragons of Shanghai online new economy.
Take you to see how mengping group has become the four little dragons of Shanghai online new economy

Digital upgrade, more efficient and more intelligent

With the upgrading of business categories, mengping group will continue to increase the size of all categories, all channels and all opening, and deepen the fine operation. How to accurately identify the sales needs of shopkeepers, Koc and other channels and brand merchants, how to link upstream manufacturers with consumers to maximize the enabling effect of the platform, and how to safely and efficiently deal with the increasing amount of data on the platform are currently to be solved. The increasing customer demand puts forward high requirements for the e-commerce platform of digital infrastructure. Therefore, digital upgrading is urgent. As a data base, the database also has higher requirements:

  • High performance:The online transaction database requires high concurrent writing and mass storage capacity. During the large promotion period, the order volume increases sharply, which requires the flexibility of rapid capacity expansion and the support ability of massive concurrency to deal with the peak flow period.
  • Efficient operation and maintenance:Through the large-scale automatic operation and maintenance capability of the cloud, reduce the operation and maintenance cost and reduce the operation and maintenance pressure of DBA.
  • Efficient migration:The data base of various types of mengping group is huge, and the data of different business types are stored in mysql, mongodb, influxdb and other databases respectively; The relocation, verification and comparison of the whole data need to be completed in a short time to ensure the safe and continuous operation of the business.
  • Ensure business continuity:During migration, all database migration schemes need to have fast failback capability to ensure business continuity.

Huawei cloud Database & mengping group

Technological innovation, deeply link brands and customers, and improve transaction efficiency

Huawei cloud database and mengfen Group actively seek digital transformation and hope to achieve more intelligent and efficient human and goods matching through technological innovation. In response to the demands of mengping group for high reliability, high availability, high performance, high security and high efficiency of data, Huawei cloud database service provides a combined solution of RDS proxy + RDS HA + cross region backup + DAS, and uses technological innovation to support decentralized e-commerce platform transactions to be more stable and efficient.
Take you to see how mengping group has become the four little dragons of Shanghai online new economy

  • Stable and reliable:Transparent read-write separation of RDS database instances is realized through RDS proxy. RDS proxy uniformly provides external read-write services, which improves business concurrent throughput and load capacity. The response time of the whole link from write to query is basically seconds.
  • High availability:Through the RDS HA system, it provides the second level failover capability of the main database and the standby database to ensure the provision of highly available database services in the scenarios of host failure, power abnormality and machine room failure.
  • Elastic expansion capacity:Smooth capacity expansion and elastic lifting configuration enable the customer’s business system to have the ability of rapid elastic lifting configuration and calmly and quickly respond to sudden business traffic; Support the addition and deletion of read-only instances, timely respond to the business decline after the promotion, and quickly reduce costs.
  • Efficient management:Through the cloud DBA and enterprise version capabilities of DAS, it helps customers easily manage all database instances and experience powerful and convenient functions such as database self repair, self optimization, self operation and maintenance and self security.

After the business of mengping group was relocated to Huawei cloud, the operation and maintenance efficiency was improved by about 30%, the timeliness of data link and the throughput capacity of business system were doubled, and the average time-consuming of core business database access was reduced from 1.5s to 1s. In addition, the number of orders traded by mengping group per second reached a new record, and the peak value of orders was several times higher than the historical peak value, becoming a benchmark for the rapid growth of business assisted by digital infrastructure.

Through data opening, system opening, community opening and cloud warehouse opening, mengping group enables businesses to have greater independent operation space, more flexible sales and activity mode, effectively reduce storage and logistics costs, and achieve their dreams for each store. Huawei cloud database will also continue to provide mengping group with more reliable, highly available, highly secure and highly expanded database services to meet the new needs of customers in different scenarios.

“It is extremely challenging to ensure smooth, efficient and secure data migration. By optimizing the parameters of the target database, we finally ensure that the full migration time of all databases is controlled within 12 hours. The horizontal flexible structure has strongly supported the rapid development of mengping group and laid a good foundation for better serving consumer users and brand merchants. ” Xu Fengtao and Wang Chengguo, representatives of the IT team of mengping group, finally said.

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