• Use HTML5 to realize the function of mouse wheel event to zoom in and out pictures


    You and I all know that adding mouse wheel events to HTML5 web pages can better enable users to interact with web pages. In HTML5, the mouse wheel can not only slide the web page up and down, but actually you can rely on it to complete more functions, such as zooming in and out […]

  • Hover zoom effect made by CSS3


    Effect achieved: Implementation code: html <link href=’https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto:100,400,300,500,700′ rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’> <div align=”center” class=”fond”> <div style=”width:1000px;”> <div class=”style_prevu_kit” style=”background-color:#cb2025;”></div> <div class=”style_prevu_kit” style=”background-color:#f8b334;”></div> <div class=”style_prevu_kit” style=”background-color:#97bf0d;”></div> <div class=”style_prevu_kit” style=”background-color:#00a096;”></div> <div class=”style_prevu_kit” style=”background-color:#93a6a8;”></div> <div style=” padding:5px; color:#b5e6e3; font-weight:300; font-size:30px; font-family:’Roboto’;padding-top:20px;”>jb <font style=”font-weight:400;”>51</font></div> <a href=”http://www.wifeo.com/code” style=”text-decoration:none;” target=”_blank”><div style=” color:#b5e6e3; font-weight:300; font-size:20px; font-family:’Roboto’;”>developpaer</div></a> </div> </div> css3 .fond{position:absolute;padding-top:85px;top:0;left:0; right:0;bottom:0; background-color:#00506b;} .style_prevu_kit { […]

  • Explain in detail how to use HTML5 canvas API to control the zoom transformation of pictures


    Scale transform scale (SX, SY) passes in two parameters, which are the scaling multiple of the object in the horizontal and vertical directions. For example, context. Scale (2,2) enlarges the image twice. In fact, it looks simple, but there are still some problems in practical use. Let’s look at a piece of code: JavaScript CodeCopy […]

  • Flash upload image and zoom as an example of avatar


    Personal development of the flash forum into the end, there is still the last upload pictures to replace the avatar function, worked all day, and finally solved all the problems, now record the solution. 1. Upload files To analyze what we need to do to change the avatar function, the simple idea is: upload the […]

  • How Python gets the scaling size of win7 and win10 systems


    This article mainly introduces how to get the scaling size of win7 and win10 system by python. The sample code is introduced in great detail in this article, which has a certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work. Friends who need it can refer to it Use pywin32 to call windows system interface. […]

  • Realization of scaling animation by using fluent positionedtransition


    In this paper, we share the specific code of the realization of scaling animation by using fluent for your reference. The specific content is as follows Fluent animation status monitor AnimationController //Animation controller AnimationController controller; //Animationcontroller is a special animation object. A new value will be generated at each frame of screen refresh, //By default, […]

  • HTML5 canvas realizes the functions of image marking, zooming, moving and saving historical state (with conversion formula)


    Hahaha, I’m here again. This time, I’ll bring you some articles about canvas functions. I hope you like them! Preface Because I am a junior, I am looking for an internship recently. Before that, I had a small project of my own: https://github.com/zhcxk1998/School-Partners The interviewer said that he could think deeply, maybe add some new […]

  • IOS implementation of auto carousel with zoom effect


    The example of this article is to share the auto carousel map with zoom effect of IOS for your reference. The details are as follows You can set the frame directly and then load it to the view for use. The effect is just like this. There is still a jam in the process of […]

  • Definition and function of zoom: 1 attribute in CSS


    Today, I was asked what is the use of a zoom property in CSS, although I know that this property is used to clear floats and trigger hasLayout. But the specific definition is not very well understood. Baidu has a little information about the property of zoom, and then summarizes it. CSS zoom properties Zoom: […]

  • An example of pyqt5 scaling the picture


    As follows: def shrinkImage(self): ”’ Zooms in :return: ”’ Scale = 0.8 × 20% reduction each time IMG = qimage (self. Path) × create picture instance mgnWidth = int(originWidth * scale) Mgnheight = int (originheight * scale) size = QSize(mgnWidth, mgnHeight) Piximg = qpixmap. Fromimage (img. Scaled (size, QT. Ignoreaspectratio)) (modify the image instance size […]

  • IOS implements simple head zooming


    This article introduces the simple scaling function of iOS through the example code. The idea of implementation includes head view, scroll view, control of head animation and other sample code blocks, you can refer to the following article. Simply implement and integrate a header zoom function for UIScrollView and its subclasses. Head with blurring effect […]

  • Example code for iframe scaling on the mobile side


    I met a strange problem in my work. I tossed about for half a day and finally solved it. Here I record the analysis ideas and solutions. The project is a responding company official website. After the static chart page was cut, it was submitted to the background as a template for use. I also […]