• Detailed tutorial for docker quick installation of zookeeper


    Docker quick installation zookeeper I haven’t used it for a long time after changing the companyZookeeper, recently because ofElastic-JobIt needs to be used. Here is a simple recordDockerThe next chapter will explain how to quickly build a cluster. We won’t talk about how to build it in detail hereDocker, if you want to knowDockerMy friends […]

  • What is zookeeper?


    Preface Only a bare head can make it stronger. The text has been included in my GitHub warehouse. Welcome to star: https://github.com/zhongfucheng3y/3y What is message queuing? Later, I wanted to get started with Kafka (install the environment and see some concepts of Kafka). Later, I found that Kafka used zookeeper, but I don’t know zookeeper, […]

  • Web API service registration and discovery based on zookeeper


    difference Service provision and consumption based on nginx    Service registration and discovery based on zookeeper    The load balance of ZK can be adjusted. Nginx is only able to adjust the weight, and other things that need to be controlled need to write their own plug-ins. However, the throughput of nginx is much larger […]

  • Hyperf publishes session, minimalist dB, zookeeper configuration center components and supports twig / plates view engine support


    Update content Major new additions updated this weekMinimal DB components,Zookeeper configuration center, andSession component, and addedTwigandPlatesThe support of view engine and the support of cluster execution are added to the planning task component.Minimal DB componentsIt mainly provides support for scenarios that want simplicity and performance as the primary demands, without the need for a large […]

  • [from getting started to giving up zookeeper] getting started with zookeeper


    Preface Zookeeper is a distributed service coordination framework, which can be used to maintain distributed configuration information, service registry, and implement distributed locks. It is widely used in HBase, Hadoop, Kafka and other projects. With the popularity of distributed and micro services, zookeeper has become an unavoidable part of our daily development work. This article […]

  • Distributed coordination service: zookeeper


    Function of coordination service In the distributed architecture, it is necessary to coordinate and manage the information between each server or service Common distributed coordination services include chubby of Google and zookeeper of ApacheBecause Google’s chubby is not open-source, then Yahoo imitated it to develop zookeeper, donated it to Apache, and made it open-source for […]

  • Zookeeper installation and effect demonstration


    High availability (HA) – zookeeper ZooKeeper An open source distributed project providing services for distributed applications Provide a collection of primitives so that distributed applications can build a higher level of synchronous services on top of it role Observer mode: Leader: the leader is responsible for initiating and deciding the voting and updating the status. […]

  • Netty + ZooKeeper for Simple Service Registration and Discovery


    I. background A recent project: Our system receives a single task from the upstream system, and then pushes it to the relevant equipment of the designated stores and carries out corresponding business processing. II. Use of Netty After receiving the single task, the device is pushed to the designated store through Netty. Netty implements message […]

  • Consensus problem


    This paper describes the concept, algorithm and application of distributed consensus. It involves raft, Paxos (basic, multi, fast), zk, etcd, chubby. And thinking. Concern and consensus on how zk, etcd, chubby interfaces can be applied to service discovery, distributed locks, etc. are omitted. Consensus: One or more nodes make a proposal and the algorithm chooses […]

  • Building Hadoop High Availability Cluster Based on ZooKeeper


    Introduction to High Availability High Availability of Hadoop can be divided into HDFS high availability and YARN high availability. Their implementation is basically similar, but HDFS NameNode requires much higher data storage and consistency than YARN Resource Manger, so its implementation is more complex. So let’s explain the following: 1.1 High Availability Architecture HDFS High […]

  • Big Data Learning Route


    I. Large Data Processing Flow The figure above is a simplified flow chart of large data processing. The main flow chart of large data processing includes data collection, data storage, data processing and data application. Next, we will explain the technology stack for each link one by one. 1.1 Data collection The first step in […]

  • Hadoop HA Cluster Building


    Brief Introduction to Hadoop HA Cluster This tutorial is used to build Hadoop HA cluster. There are several explanations about HA cluster: In Hadoop 2.0, there are usually two NameNodes, one in the active state and the other in the standby state. Active NameNode provides services to the outside world. Standby NameNode does not provide […]