• Restful interface specification


    Rest interface specification1. ActionGet (select): retrieves a specific resource, or list of resources, from the server.Post (create): create a new resource on the server.Put (update): updates the resources on the server and provides the entire resource.Patch (update): updates the resources on the server, providing only the changed attributes.Delete (delete): deletes resources from the server.The first […]

  • Fluent news client – 04 Yapi interface management, restful, code generation, DIO encapsulation


    Station B video https://www.bilibili.com/vide… Objectives of this section Front end separation and contract development mode API interface management and tools Restful interface specification Token security communication Automatically generate entity interface entity class Dio package Localstorage local storage Password encryption 1. Interface management 1.1 front and rear end separation and contract mode 1.2 common interface management […]

  • Microservice guide to the North (3): Restful API design


    The definition of API depends on the selected IPC communication mode. If it is a message mechanism (such as AMQP or stomp), the API consists of the message channel and message type; if the HTTP mechanism is used, it is based on request / response (calling the URL of HTTP). Here, we will briefly describe […]

  • Development and design patterns within the framework


    1. Development within the framework Upgrade traditional PHP code to the swote framework Direct use such as: think spool, swooletw / laravel swoole, the benefits of object-oriented programming are embodied and very convenient. QPS has a 15 + times improvement over simple pages. However, according to the actual measurement of (e-learning) 3, second kill system […]