• Fitness Yoga knowledge answer + lottery applet specific playing rules


    In the last issue, we talked about the importance of building exclusive answer applets, the reasons why many popular activity applets adopt the form of answer + lottery, and the communication means of activity operation. Take chestnuts for example. The question answering activity of how much do you know about fitness yoga built earlier is […]

  • Differences between factory, service and provider in angularjs


    Angularjs supplier ($provide) $provideService responsible for informingAngularJSHow to create a new injectable thing: a service. Services are defined by something called a provider, and can be used$provideTo create a supplier. How to create a supplier: Use$provideMediumprovider()Method to define a supplier; By request$provideInjected into an applicationconfigFunction to get$provideService; How to define suppliers constant value service factory […]