• 40mn18cr3 motor damping slot wedge


    Non magnetic steel 40mn18cr3 forging finger is a key component of turbo generator, which can strengthen and support the silicon steel sheet of rotor. It bears the hot fitting stress and centrifugal force produced by high speed rotationHigh high low magnetic structural steel.Therefore, higher mechanical properties, especially higher yield strength, are requiredIn order to prevent […]

  • 50mn18cr5 non magnetic retaining ring steel


    50mn18cr5 non-magnetic steel is mainly used as motor retaining ring. With the continuous rapid development of generator sets in China, the processing of motor retaining ring and non-magnetic parts is fully utilized. Flat steel, round steel, steel plate, etc. can also be rolled according to JB / 1268-1993 standard.50mn18cr5 austenitic non-magnetic retaining ring steel is […]

  • When empirical asset pricing meets machine learning


    catalog Why machine learning? 2 overview of methods 2.1 sample division and parameter adjustment by validation 2.2 various machine learning algorithms 2.3 model performance evaluation 2.4 importance and marginal relationship of variables 3 empirical effect 3.1 data 3.2 model comparison 3.3 what variables are important? 3.4 combined forecasting reference 2020’sReview of Financial StudiesPublished an article […]

  • Ten holes of bank financial products


    Therefore, many people buy financial products in the eyes of banks! There are also pitfalls in buying bank financial products! There are 10 holes that you must know when you purchase bank financial products. Today, I’d like to give you a systematic review: 1. Bank financial products may lose money In recent years, the market […]

  • The multimillionaire


    Today, let’s talk about the investment artifact that ordinary people can learn — fixed investment of funds. In 2005, Mr. Buffett wrote a letter to all active equity fund managers. Within 10 years, no active fund could beat the S & P 500 Index Fund. The bet was $500000. As soon as the gamble started, […]

  • Maximize the production of STT-MRAM IP


    Foundries need new equipment not used in traditional CMOS manufacturing, such as ion beam etching, and improve the reliability of MTJ bit cells to support the large (1mbit ~ 256Mbit) memory array density required for some applications.Although STT-MRAM technology has sufficient durability and read / write waiting time, the sensitivity to process changes may lead […]

  • How is the money in the pension calculated?


    preface In recent years, the news of pension insurance vacancy broke out from time to time, which made people panic. It’s not. It scares a heterosexual friend who is very close to me in a first tier city. So I sent a screenshot to me on wechat, And asked me that, is its revenue really […]

  • Use Python to analyze funds! Make money to win in the starting line!


    You don’t manage money, money doesn’t care about you! Can Python help you with your finances? Effect preview Trend chart of cumulative yield Basic information results How to use: Python 3 + some third-party libraries import requests import pandas import numpy import matplotlib import lxml to configureconfig.json 。codeAllocation fund code,useCacheWhether to use cache. { “code”:[ […]

  • Deep front end JavaScript asynchronous programming


    The execution mechanism of JavaScript has been deeply discussed in the last article. Since it is a single thread language, how to make asynchronous programming with good experience? Callback function callbacks When the program runs, in general, the application program will often call the pre prepared functions in the library through the API. But some […]