• Build react development environment


    Use yarn package management tools, build tools based on webpack, build react development environment Because some software installation is related to the system environment, you need to select the corresponding system version according to your system environment. Running environment of this paper system:macosreact:16.8.6react-dom:16.8.6webpack:4.36.1 Yarn Yarn is a fast, reliable and secure dependency management tool, which […]

  • Elements, components, events, props passing of react


    By configuring webpack dev server to start a web server, automatically compile and refresh the browser, we can start the react basic fast pass Next: building the react development environment Using webpack dev server After building the react development environment according to the previous article, we found that every time we write the code, we […]

  • Summary of building and using NPM private warehouse based on verdaccio


    Resources Official: https://github.com/verdaccio/ Reference: https://blog.csdn.net/yyzzhc9 Reference: https://www.jianshu.com/p/16b Reference: https://www.jianshu.com/p/1d0 The original private service was built by sinopia, but sinopia stopped maintenance for two years, now it is verdaccio. It’s also super simple to use verdaccio. It only takes a few minutes to build a private server, which is suitable for the internal and external package […]

  • Fresh and hot 2017 windows front-end development environment installation configuration


    Install choco Choco is the command-line software installation tool of homebrew similar to MAC on windows,PressWindows key -QSearch for power shell, right-click to selectRun as Administrator, open and paste the following code to run iwr https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1 -UseBasicParsing | iex Installing common software with choco choco install nodejs git yarn sublimetext3 cmder shadowsocks Yarn better NPM […]

  • It’s 8102 years. Why are you still using yarn?!


    Original source: yarn vs NPM Still remember the scene when yarn first came out It’s really fast. Every time yarn install, it will save me several minutes. Yarn will ensure that your node_modules folder matches the node_modules folder of your colleagues. Similarly, the node_modules folder on the server is exactly the same as yours. There […]

  • Solution to node sass installation failure


    For the anxious students Anxious students, look directly at the last section, operation steps. Solve the urgent problem first, and then come back to have a good taste when you have time. Written in front First of all, one of the students on the segment fault has summarized a lot of situations, and the documents […]

  • Solution to the problem of webpack dev server wrong version under rails 6.0 on Mac OS


    error message Yesterday, I installed Ruby on rails 6.0. I am very happy to initialize the project and install webpacker according to the instructions. After that, I will execute the familiarrails cThe order, however, gives an error: #Error message fragment yarn check v1.7.0 success Folder in sync. Done in 0.15s. yarn check v1.7.0 error “webpack-dev-server#yargs#cliui” […]

  • Getting started with the yarn package manager


    brief introduction Yarn is a JavaScript package manager, a direct competitor of NPM, and one of Facebook’s open source projects. It is compatible with NPM package, so it has a huge advantage as a direct replacement of NPM. Because of parallel downloading and caching, it started much faster than NPM when it was first launched. […]

  • Use npm Registry to Restric Installing Client


    Background npm and yarn are not sharing lock file. A lock file is necessary for maintaining the stability of the project. How can we make sure the developers are using the same client in our project? Some approaches make use of preinstall hook. See: How to force package installs to use yarn not npm use-yarn […]

  • Py = > Ubuntu Hadoop yarn HDFS hive spark installation configuration


    environment condition Java 8Python 3.7Scala 2.12.10Spark 2.4.4hadoop 2.7.7hive 2.3.6mysql 5.7mysql-connector-java-5.1.48.jar R 3.1 + (may not be installed) Install Java A priori portal: https://segmentfault.com/a/11 Install Python Bring Python 3.7 with Ubuntu Install Scala Download: https://downloads.lightbend.cDecompression: Tar – zxvf download good Scala To configure: vi ~/.bashrc export SCALA_HOME=/home/lin/spark/scala-2.12.10 export PATH=${SCALA_HOME}/bin:$PATH Save exit Activate configuration: source ~/.bashrc Install […]

  • Slow installation of package management tools may be a pit in lock files


    Slow installation of package management tools may be a pit in lock files ⭐ more front-end technology and knowledge points, search subscription numberJS bacteriumSubscribe Everyone has used yarn NPM configuration mirror to speed up the installation of third-party modules. I don’t know if anyone has ever encountered the problem of slow installation speed no matter […]

  • Ambari Environment Building (Offline Building)


    Ambari offline deployment Ambari introduction Ambari is a top-level open source project of Apache Software Foundation and a tool for centralized deployment, management and monitoring of Hadoop distributed clusters. But here Hadoop is a broad concept, not just Hadoop (HDFS, MapReduce), but Hadoop ecosystem (including Spark, Hive, Hbase, Sqoop, Zookeeper, Flume, etc.). Ambari can make […]