• Question: What are the format types of JSON?


    JSON is currently the most popular data exchange format, for which we need to be very familiar with all aspects of its knowledge, this time let’s take a look at its format types. data exchange format basic type array type object nesting Case Practice basic type {“key” : value, “key” : “value”,…}, start with braces, […]

  • Maven – the difference between dependencies and dependency management


    question What is the difference between dependencies and dependencyManagement in the pom.xml configuration file? What are the points to pay attention to in use? solve dependencyManagement is mainly used to control the version numbers that all subprojects depend on. For the correct operation of the project, all sub-projects must use a unified version of dependencies, […]

  • How to parse XML data and what are the methods?


    Question: How to parse XML data and what are the methods? Last time we talked about the four ways of parsing JSON, so this time we will look at the four ways of parsing XML. Four ways to parse DOM parsing SAX parsing JDOM parsing DOM4J analysis Case Practice DOM parsing DOM (Document Object Model, […]

  • XML and annotation mapping in Mybatis, so easy


    Focus on “Java back-end technology full stack” Reply to “Interview” to get a full set of interview materials MyBatisProvides two ways of XML configuration and annotation configuration. Today, let’s talk about how these two methods are implemented. MyBatisThe real power of is in its statement mapping, which is where its magic happens. Because of how […]

  • What are the methods of parsing XML data?


    ====================== Last time we talked about the four ways of parsing JSON, so this time we will look at the four ways of parsing XML. Four ways to parse DOM parsing SAX parsing JDOM parsing DOM4J Analysis Case Practice DOM parsing DOM (Document Object Model, Document Object Model), in an application, a DOM-based XML parser […]

  • XML learning summary


    1 Overview xml:extensiable markup language is called extensible markup languagexml simple history introduction: gml->sgml->html->xmlgml (generalized markup language) – data specification for communication between different machinessgml (Standard Generalized Markup Language)html (Hypertext Markup Language) 1. Before we didn’t have the language of xml, we used String as the communication between two programs, but String is not good […]

  • Simple application of spring mvc


    What is MVC MVC is a software architecture design idea. Based on the MVC architecture, our application software is designed and implemented in layers. For example, it can be divided into view layer (View), control layer (Controller), and model layer (Model). Layer design allows our program to have better flexibility and scalability. Because this can […]

  • Specifications for writing mapping xml header files


    Here we can refer to the official website of mybatis (mybatis.org/mybatis-3/) to query the xml header file writing specification, and just copy and paste it for reference. Specific steps are as follows: According to mybatis.mapper-locations=classpath:/mapper/ in the directory resources/application.properties/.xml configuration path for file creation. Create an xml file in the mapper.brand directory: Query the XML […]

  • Handling XML Data Application Practice


    Abstract: GaussDB (DWS) supports XML data types and rich XML analysis functions, and can realize the mapping management function of relational data and XML data. XMLoverview XML is an Extensible Markup Language (eXtensible Markup Llanguage), which can describe very complex data structures and is widely used in data transmission and storage. XML is a markup […]

  • Learn XXE vulnerability from a topic


    This article involves practical exercises of knowledge points:XXE Vulnerability Analysis and Practice(Through this experiment, learn the basics of XXE vulnerabilities and demonstration practices.) 0x01.xxe vulnerability The full name of the XXE vulnerability is XML External Entity Injection, that is, the xml external entity injection vulnerability. The XXE vulnerability occurs when the application parses the XML […]

  • Collection of CSS Skills | Thinking Technology Weekly


    CSS is a computer language used to express file styles such as HTML or XML. I believe that everyone is familiar with it. Today, I will organize a collection of CSS tips for you, hoping to provide you with some new design ideas~ There are various ways to play with CSS, let’s take a look~ […]

  • What is XML? Using XML to Parse Tree Structure Data


    In real life, there is a certain relationship between many things. For example, there are many provinces in China, and there are many cities under each province. The relationship between these provinces and cities can be described by a tree structure diagram, as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 City relationship map Figure 1 intuitively […]