• How to add Scrollview constraint in IOS Xib file


    When I started using Scrollview, I first tested it in Xib, and I couldn’t slide after adding sub layout. Later, after many attempts to solve the problem, I just recorded the process of my own solution. Step 1: add Scrollview Step 2: set up, down, left and right constraints for Scrollview Step 3:Add a contentview […]

  • The method of using Xib to realize animation effect manually in IOS


    In today’s project, Xib is used for the project, and an animation effect is needed in the page. The uiview animation is shown as follows: To change the width of the view for animation, drag this constraint to the viewcontroller to become an attribute Use the following methods to find that animation cannot be performed: […]

  • IOS Xib control drag and page Jump instance


    Before, I used to write UI in code, but Xib is seldom used. Today, I will make a simple summary and relearn it. As shown in Figure 1, the red circle in the upper right corner is used for screen splitting. It can be switched to two screens, one showing the UI of Xib and […]

  • IOS advanced control on Xib automatically generates pure code


    Recently, the company has written a new project. When it finished the project summary, it found that most of the time was wasted in writing simple controls in pure code. Use the Xib layout. I’m afraid that I’ll dig a hole for later maintenance. I always struggle with pure code or Xib. I struggle to […]