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  • STL_ Map and Multimap containers


    1、 Introduction of map / Multimap Map is standardCorrelationContainer, a map is a sequence of key value pairs, namely (key, value) pairs. It provides fast retrieval capability based on key. In mapkeyThe value is unique. The elements in the collection are in a certain orderArrange. The insertion process of an element is inserted according to […]

  • The most authoritative caffeine course in the whole network


    If you want to see the official website tutorial directly, please move to:https://github.com/ben-manes/… And if you still want to combine the actual application scenarios, as well as a variety of pit, please see this article. Recently, an intern, Xiao Zhang, came to see the cache framework caffeine that I used in the company’s projects. He […]

  • The introduction of structural elements in H5: header, NAV, article, aside, section, footer


    Structural elements do not have any style, but make the semantics of page elements clearer. Header element The header element is a structural element with guidance and navigation functions,This element can contain all the content normally placed in the page header。 The header element is usually used to place the title of the whole page […]

  • C# delegate


    Delegates in C are similar to pointers to functions in C or C + +.DelegateIs a reference type variable that holds a reference to a method. References can be changed at run time. Delegates are specifically used to implement events and callback methods. All delegates are derived fromSystem.DelegateClass.   For example, Xiaoming asks Xiaozhang to […]