• A simple way to install Xen virtual machine in CentOS


    1、 Xen virtual environment preparationMethod 1: after selecting Xen components during installation, the system naturally supports Xen.Method 2: install Xen component manually when necessary. 1. Yum automatically installs Xen components Copy code The code is as follows: # yum install kernel-xen xen-libs xen 2. Modify the boot list and start the system with the kernel […]

  • Installation and use of Xen virtual machine on Linux


    1. Install Xen Copy code The code is as follows: yum install xen* kernel-xen* virt-manager vnc* xen-lib python-virtinst Kernel Xen: Linux kernel that can run Xen Xen: the main Xen suite, including configuration files, startup scripts, and some function libraries Xen LIBS: function library for Xen Python virtinst: software for terminal installation Virt Manager: for […]

  • Installation and basic operation of Xen virtual machine in CentOS


    Since rhel6 version, red hat does not support Xen in its original version, but goes to KVM instead. Although KVM claims to support full virtualization of HVM technology, KVM started late after all, far less mature than Xen technology. When running multiple instances, system crashes often occur. Of course, KVM can be more efficient in […]