• Vagrant (WSL) + phpstorm + xdebu breakpoint debugging environment


    1. Xdebug configuration in vagrant (Linux) environment: zend_extension=xdebug.so xdebug.remote_enable = 1 xdebug.remote_connect_back = 1 xdebug.remote_port = 9100 xdebug.idekey = “PHPSTORM” xdebug.remote_autostart = 1 xdebug.remote_handler=”dbgp” xdebug.remote_mode=”req” 2. Phptorm configuration: Set the port as set by Xdebug: Setting up directory mapping is critical After configuration, test debug Run – > start listening for PHP debug connections – […]

  • Solve the problem that PHP Xdebug cannot be debugged on Windows


    Sometimes, when we use PHP and nginx for development, there will be such a situation that the extension has been installed, but it can not be debugged successfully. At this time, we must patiently analyze the causes of the problems. Step 1: check the PHP version, such as whether it is x64 or x86, and […]

  • Phpstorm + Xdebug + chrome configuration details


    Operating environment:   phpStorm 10.0.1   PHP 5.6.24VC11 x86 Thread Safe   Xdebug 2.4.1(PHP 5.6 VC11 TS (32 bit) 1. Install Xdebug extension in PHP Because it is a self built PHP environment, you need to add the following configuration on php.ini: [xdebug] Zend? Extension = “F: \ AppServ \ PHP5 \ ext \ PHP? Xdebug-2.4.1-5.6-vc11. DLL”? Specify […]

  • Avoid the pit! Using docker to handle the PHP development environment nginx phpstorm vscode Xdebug


    Article version: July 2019 Because the local development environment needs to be redeployed due to the recent replacement of computers. The virtual machine scheme used before takes up too much disk space, and loves SSD so much. So this time, docker is used for deployment.As for the principle of this deployment, my idea is to […]

  • Mastering PHP Xdebug local and remote debugging (summary)


    I haven’t written PHP for a long time, and I haven’t used Xdebug for a long time. In the near future, I have a simple scenario to use, just record the key steps. Local debugging Local environment: $ php -v PHP 7.3.4 (cli) (built: Apr 8 2019 10:21:33) ( NTS ) Copyright (c) 1997-2018 The […]

  • Docker provides API access


    Docker provides API access Environment CentOS vim /etc/docker/daemon.json Add the following configuration { “hosts”: [ “tcp://”, “unix:///var/run/docker.sock” ] } After adding deamon. JSON The dockerd command can start the docker At this time request can be accessed normally. Failure to start docker with system CTL systemctl restart docker systemctl start docker Unable to start […]

  • Avoid pits! Using Docker to Solve Nginx PhpStorm VSCode XDebug in PHP Development Environment


    Version of the article: 2019.7 Because of the recent change of computers, we need to redeploy the local development environment. The previous virtual machine scheme takes up too much disk space, so we adopt Docker’s scheme to deploy this time.On the principle of this deployment, my idea is to use the official image as much […]

  • Phpstudy


    Today, when configuring Xdebug under phpstrom, installing online tutorials is configurable and can not be executed during single-step debugging. The error prompt is waiting for incoming connection with IDE key XXXXXXX. After various attempts to modify it, I finally found out the reason. The original environment I used was phpstudy, which is divided into three […]

  • PHPStorm Configuration Xdebug


    This tutorial applies to users of Laravel projects and defaults to using Homestead as a virtual machine in the development environment. 1. Make sure you have Xdebug installed adoptsshLog in to yourhomesteadExecution ls /etc/php5/fpm/conf.d If you see20-xdebug.iniConfiguration item, descriptionXdebugIt is loaded correctly, as follows: 2. Configure xdebug.ini Enter by following commandxdebug.iniIn the catalogue: cd /etc/php5/mods-available […]

  • Phpstorm+Xdebug Configuration Breakpoint Debugging


    Recently, we have been writing crawler Weixin data, because the data is not clear, it is not always the way to debug echo and dump. We want to open a breakpoint for debugging. If so, we have searched a lot of articles and summarized the problems encountered in the configuration process. Configure apache-Xdebug environment Download […]

  • Debugging phpstorm + Xdebug


    Debugging phpstorm + Xdebug Dead work Wamp opens Xdebug Chrome installs Xdebug helper Wamp configuration Xdebug Enable the Xdebug extension in the PHP settings as follows ; XDEBUG Extension zend_extension = “D:/wamp/bin/php/php5.5.12/zend_ext/php_xdebug-2.2.5-5.5-vc11-x86_64.dll” ; [xdebug] xdebug.remote_enable = On xdebug.remote_handler=dbgp xdebug.remote_host= localhost xdebug.remote_port = 9000 xdebug.idekey=”PHPSTORM” Install Xdebug helper in Chrome Search the Chrome web store for […]

  • Productivity tools – PHPSTORM (xdebug, database, ftp, git, restful test)


    PHPSTORM is really a very useful productivity tool. Its code hints, error checking, refactoring and debugging are all very good, and I’m crying about the good file history function (which saved me from submitting code to git). In fact, phpstorm can not only write php, but also JavaScript (including node), HTML and css. Excellent. He […]