• Considerations for IOS 11 & iPhone x adaptation & xcode9 packaging


    1. Fit uitableview if#available(iOS11.0, *) { self.contentInsetAdjustmentBehavior= .never self.estimatedRowHeight=0 self.estimatedSectionHeaderHeight=0 self.estimatedSectionFooterHeight=0 }else{ } 2. Adapt to uiscrollview if#available(iOS11.0, *) { scrollView?.contentInsetAdjustmentBehavior= .never }else{ } 3. The display of section header or footer in uitableview is abnormal In addition, it is found that the height of section header and section footer of some interface tableview is […]

  • Summary of how to solve the problem that xcode9 log can’t output Chinese in IOS


    Problem description Xcode’s log output in Chinese is usually rewrittenNsarray, nsdictionary’s – (nsstring *) descriptionwithlocale: (ID) locale;Method. Recently, after upgrading to xcode9, it was found that the original processing logic could not meet the requirement of outputting Chinese. The status description returned by the background involving Chinese has become Unicode encoding. In fact, this is […]

  • Xcode9 appicon icon is not displayed on IOS 11


    Example 1: Open the project directory: [project name] / pods / target support files / Pods – [project name] / Pods – [project name]- resources.sh This file replaces the last piece of code: Before revision: printf “%s\0” “${XCASSET_FILES[@]}” | xargs -0 xcrun actool –output-format human-readable-text –notices –warnings –platform “${PLATFORM_NAME}” –minimum-deployment-target “${!DEPLOYMENT_TARGET_SETTING_NAME}” ${TARGET_DEVICE_ARGS} –compress-pngs –compile “${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR}/${UNLOCALIZED_RESOURCES_FOLDER_PATH}” […]

  • Detailed explanation of Xcode 9 setting IOS wireless real machine debugging


    This article mainly introduces the debugging of Xcode 9 setting IOS wireless real machine, and shares it with you as follows: Environmental requirements: At least Mac OSX 10.12.6 iOS 11 Xcode 9 The first case Before I wrote, MAC and iPhone were connected to the same router, that is, the same LAN, through WiFi. This […]

  • Xcode9 project uploaded to GitHub tutorial


    Recently, I learned the development process and ideas of a complete project through video. In order to simulate the actual development process more truly, we need to version control and manage the code and some materials of the project. Generally, SVN or GitHub is commonly used for code version control and project management. Xcode, the […]