• Wireless debugging of IOS devices using Xcode


    Equipment environment: Mac OSX 10.12.5, ios11, xcode9 PS: This is a new feature of wwdc2017, ios11 above, xcode9, which is a rigid requirement. This function is not easy to find, so I wrote it down Connect your phone to Xcode and open the Xcode menu: Windows > device and simulators. Find the connected device and […]

  • How to clear Xcode cache and generate files in IOS


    Method 1 Press the shortcut key shift + Command + G or Finder Icon, right-click to select go to folder… Call up the go to folder box Enter it as follows /Users / (computer name) / library / Developer / Xcode / derived data enter Then delete the files in the directory Method 2 You […]

  • Annotation method automatically generated when creating files in IOS Xcode


    Before I changed my computer, I found that the comments generated by creating a new file with Xcode have become the effect I don’t want (as shown in the figure below) 1、 Modify system default comments The following describes how to edit “creator”, “creation time”, “organization name” and “class name prefix”. 1. Editor Creator: Access […]

  • How to delete expired descriptive files in Xcode


    1. Use terminal First open the terminal cd ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning\ Profiles/ Delete all rm *.mobileprovision 2. Find the folder directly – simple and crude First show in finder, then COM + Shi + G, then ~ / library / mobiledevice / provisioning profiles to find the corresponding deletion yangdeMacBook-Pro:Provisioning Profiles yangliugrep“developcommon”∗Binaryfile7e741239−9a18−4468−b8b8−4fe03e529c78.mobileprovisionmatchesyangdeMacBook−Pro:ProvisioningProfilesyangliu rm 7e741239-9a18-4468-b8b8-4fe03e529c78.mobileprovision yangdeMacBook-Pro:Provisioning Profiles yangliugrep“developcommon”∗yangdeMacBook−Pro:ProvisioningProfilesyangliu […]

  • Xcode tutorial for cleaning cache and garbage files


    1、 Clean up junk files in Xcode 1. Go to the file directory where Xcode is located: ~ / library / Developer / Xcode. As shown in the figure below: 2. After entering the directory, you can see that the Xcode file contains the following folders: (1) Archives stores the files generated when Xcode is […]

  • Example of IOS counting the number of lines of code in Xcode project


    1. Open the terminal 2. CD to the project file, for example: cd MerchantPay-iOS 3. Enter to the project directory Run the following command find . -name “*.m” -or -name “*.h” -or -name “*.xib” -or -name “*.c” |xargs wc -l Enter, execute – this command is to get the number of lines of code in […]

  • Xcode Info.plist Field details


    Info.plist Used to provide IOS with some important information about app, bundle or framework. It specifies, for example, how an application should be launched, how it is localized, the name of the application, the icon to display, and more. Info.plist The file is actually an XML file of Apple’s predefined schema. In order to build […]

  • Explain Xcode compilation options


    All of the following compilation options are based on Xcode 4.6. This article is based on Apple Xcode documents, professional Xcode 3, and Google search results. I know little about compiling. If there is any improper explanation, please understand. In some places where the translation may not be appropriate, the original English text is attached. […]

  • How to add, delete, copy and create a new shortcut key for Xcode


    Preface We should all know that in the process of using eclipse, we especially like the shortcut keys of deleting and copying one line. However, Xcode does not support these two shortcut keys. Once again, I found a trick to add these two shortcut keys. Here are the steps: Modify authority Modify the plist permission […]

  • Solutions to the incompatibility of IOS 10 caused by iPhone x adaptation under Xcode 9


    Preface I found a bug submitted by the test team a long time ago, saying that some layouts are normal on IOS 11 and abnormal on IOS 10. Run the app on IOS 11 simulator and IOS 10.3 simulator respectively, and it is found that this is true, as shown in the following figure: Click […]

  • Linked in / rocketdata with immutable data


    background In our common data variable data framework, the data we read from DB is placed in cache for the upper business call. For example, for a Book object, if we need to use the book object in multiple places in the upper business, we are actually directly referencing the object. If we need to […]

  • Introduction to the method of IOS Xcode assembly mode switching


    I. concept 1. Assembly instruction: Intel instruction runs on the simulator, while arm instruction runs on the real machine, 2. The format of each assembly instruction is always composed of: opcode, operand 1, operand 2, and operand 3. An operand is either a constant, a send memory, or a memory address. The rax, RSI, RDI, […]