• CocoaPod ‘target overrides the’ OTHER_LDFLAGS ‘… The solution of


    Introduce AFNetworking into the project today.The content of the Podfile platform :ios, ‘7.0’ pod “AFNetworking”, “~> 2.0” A mistake has occurred [!] The `AllBlue [Debug]` target overrides the `OTHER_LDFLAGS` build setting defined in `Pods/Target Support Files/Pods/Pods.debug.xcconfig’. This can lead to problems with the CocoaPods installation Use the $(inherited) flag, or Remove the build settings from […]

  • Swift5 shows a list of countries around the world


    CountryCodeListSwift5 is a swift5 learning project. The main practiceUITableViewSwift, useHandyJsonConvert the json file read locally into an array of data models. The data source for the global list of countries is previously from a global list of countriessqlUse in the tablePythonWash out the data, after processing to form aJsonFile. Each country mainly includes:The English name […]

  • Objc implementation of tvos parallax button


    introduce Apple introduced interesting icon design in the latest Apple TV releaseSpecifically, the icon is composed of 2-5 layers. When the icon is selected, each layer in the icon will shift by different amplitude to form a visual parallax effect icon with depth and distance sense. See the video for the composition and effect: Video […]

  • On the shelf move of IOS vest bag


    What is Ma Jiabao The vest bag is a method of putting the same product on the shelves for many times by using the loopholes of app store rules and technical means. The vest package and the main product package have the same content and function, except that the icon and application name cannot be […]

  • Reorganizing knowledge points related to IOS memory


    First, the original Memory related knowledge of IOS is one of the cornerstones for us to develop IOS app, and it is also an inevitable question in the interview. The integration of memory knowledge and the solution of memory related problems are what IOS developers must master. II. IOS memory related knowledge points 2.1 memory […]

  • Introduction to third-party IOS libraries and Xcode plug-ins commonly used by individuals


    Preface The third-party library is an indispensable part of the current programmers. Not only is app development basically, all commercial projects will use the third-party library more or less. The number of open source libraries with Star > 100 on GitHub is as follows It can be seen that JS ranks first with absolute advantage, […]

  • Xcode: xcconfig file for managing multiple target configurations


    By Tomasz szulc, original link, original date: November 14, 2015Translator: small bag; proofreader: Chiba Zhifeng; finalizer: Chiba Zhifeng Let’s see how xcconfig files work well in multiple targets with different configurations. Today, I plan to learn something new, so I searched the Mozilla / Firefox IOS library for information, and then I found that they […]

  • Clear useless warning in Xcode


    Preface In any case, engineering and code must be kept reasonably neat and elegant. There used to beTreat Warning as errorSome ides have built-in support for this option. Xcode is here. But there are two sides to the conversation. For some warning that will not be changed for a long time or the third-party library, […]

  • Playing with “attributes”


    visibility __attribute__((visibility(“visibility_type”)))When we don’t want to expose a method, we usually usestaticKeyword to decorate the function. This way, the method is not output to the symbol table at compile time. See this blog post for details Llvm and GCC actually provide similarattribute Use example: __attribute__((visibility(“default”))) void foo1(int x, int y); __attribute__((visibility(“hidden”))) int foo2(int x); __attribute__((visibility(“protected”))) […]

  • IOS code confusion, vest package confusion on the shelf (Python script confusion IOS project)


    Preface I’ve been watching Python recently, and I like the flexibility of Python very much. Today I want to talk about the code confusion of IOS. Why do I want to make code confusion? For the safety of app, in order to prevent others from cracking our code easily, and to make vest bag, we […]

  • Handling plan for rejected Ma Jia Bao audit


    Written in front The audit of vest bag has been rejected. At present, the most popular one on the Internet is2.1 and 4.3, after looking at many articles, I sorted out the solutions of the corresponding terms of these two big gift packages from the two more detailed articles, and made a preparation for the […]

  • Python one click search for unused pictures, audio and video resources in IOS projects


    Preface In the process of IOS project development, if the time of version iterative development is relatively long, after many versions are developed or many people participate in the development, there will inevitably be some garbage resources in the project, which are not used but occupy the size of API package! Here I use Python […]