• The Birth of an AR Tech Radar


    What is AR Tech Radar Technology Radar is a technology trend report produced twice a year by ThoughtWorks. Generally speaking, the radar you see is in the form of a document, which includes a technology panorama and a maturity analysis of each technology point. The AR technology radar is based on the original document, using […]

  • Double Twelve is approaching, how to use vika watch to get the most out of your wool!


    Friends who don’t know what to buy on Double Twelve, don’t worry~Here is a double twelve shopping list (authorized to share) made by vika user —— @Never, a diligent and thrifty housekeeper @Never, let’s copy homework together~Here is the link:https://vika.cn/share/shro62a…Poke a poke and save it as a template~ -Dividing line- vika table, as a technology […]

  • A collection of AR open source projects using LiDAR functionality


    XR immersive new media experience iPad Pro depth camera with LiDAR sensor brings immersive experience Project engineering code: https://github.com/keijiro/Rcam2 AR world 3D reconstruction visualization ARKit 4+LiDAR real-time world 3D reconstruction on iPad Pro, visualized by Metal Project engineering code: https://github.com/metal-by-e… ARKit human body real-time tracking ARKit 3 Body Tracking: AR Guitar Demo iOS 13 + […]

  • Apple Signature Software


    ios developer tool, ios enterprise signature tool, green software, offline offline, free to use,Apple Developer Center, Apple Developer to obtain P12 and description, only need p12 file and provision description fileSupport IPA signature plus time lock, support time control, ipa batch unlock functionThe software runs on the Windows platform and can be used without a […]

  • IOS defines a detailed explanation of gesture listeners, using UIGestureRecognizer to respond to pinch, rotate, pan, click, and long press gesture events


    In IOS, we can monitor touch events through UITouch, but it is very troublesome for UITouch to monitor gesture events such as pinch, rotate, and long press. Provided in IOSUIGestureRecognizerThe subclasses of help us implement special gesture monitoring such as pinching and rotation. And a view can add multiple different gesture listeners. Open userInteractionEnabled UIView […]

  • Use of IOS single-line text input box UITextField


    UITextField inherits UIControl class, only supports single-line input and display, and can input password type. Support implementing proxy UITextFieldDelegate Attributes name type illustrate Defaults text NSString text input value textColor UIColor text color UIFont UIFont text size textAlignment NSTextAlignment text direction NSLeftTextAlignment borderStyle UITextBorderStyle border style UITextBorderStyleNone placeholder NSString prompt text clearsOnBeginEditing BOOL Clear content […]

  • IOS modal pop-up window and operation version use UIAlertController


    After IOS8, UIAlertView uses UIAlertController to implement modal window and operation panel. The use of UIAlertController is very different from that of UIAlerView. It actually separates the content of the pop-up window from the display method and button list. It is very simple to implement. as follows 1. Call the static method to create the […]

  • IOS UIViewController API, detailed explanation of life cycle


    In the UIKit framework there is only one root mapping controller. The view controller is used to manage the interface and handle the class objects of the interface. The root view controller must be created before the program starts. All view controllers need to be customized and must inherit from UIViewController. By default, the newly […]

  • Douyin Quality Construction – iOS Startup Optimization “Principles”


    Source Author: Bytedance Technical Team forewordStartup is the first impression of the app on the user. The slower the start-up, the higher the probability of user loss. A good start-up speed is an indispensable part of the user experience. The knowledge points involved in startup optimization are very multifaceted and wide, and it is difficult […]

  • I have completed a React Native project from installation to packaging


    Since I have never been in touch with mobile terminal development, I chose React Native. After all, any application that can be implemented using JavaScript will eventually be implemented using JavaScript. Since I do not have a Mac developer account, I only packaged it.Android Installation Environment The mystery and complexity of the React Native installation […]

  • Introduction to UIView and UIControl for iOS Development


    overview UIViewandUIControlare the visual building blocks of an application’s user interface. Use them to draw on the screen and manage your application’s content. Display the corresponding content on the screen and define the interactions allowed by the content. Views can host other views. Embedding a view into another view will create a nested view in […]

  • Python-one-click to find unused pictures, audio, and video resources in iOS projects


    foreword In the process of iOS project development, if the iterative development of the version takes a long time, then after many versions are developed or after many people participate in the development, there will inevitably be some garbage resources in the project, which are not used but occupy the size of the api package […]