• Introduction to the method of IOS Xcode assembly mode switching


    I. concept 1. Assembly instruction: Intel instruction runs on the simulator, while arm instruction runs on the real machine, 2. The format of each assembly instruction is always composed of: opcode, operand 1, operand 2, and operand 3. An operand is either a constant, a send memory, or a memory address. The rax, RSI, RDI, […]

  • Xcode tutorial for designers: teach you to make prototype design with Xcode


    In the past month, I got up at 7 a.m. and worked until 7 p.m. every day. After finishing my full-time job in carshare.hk, I have been working on perfecting the ripple app. This month is all about IOS experience. The challenge I face is to release this IOS application before the end of the […]

  • Start developing MAC applications now


    Do you want to develop MAC applications without knowing where to start? This roadmap provides a great starting point for Mac application development. Even if you are already an IOS development expert, this roadmap is still applicable to you. Apple makes it easy to develop applications and submit them to the MAC app store. Follow […]

  • Using uitableview in the storyboard of Xcode 5


    When we first started the IOS programming course, we wrote a tutorial about uitableview, which showed how to use uitableview to create a simple table application. This is one of our most popular tutorials. However, you may find that this tutorial does not work under Xcode 5. The latest version of Xcode promotes the use […]

  • Code pilot: a necessary Xcode plug-in for keyers


    What is code pilot? Code pilot is an extension of Xcode, which allows developers to quickly find and reuse previously written code. Previously, code pilot was a $14.95 product. Recently, Zbigniew sobieck, CEO of code pilot, not only announced to solve the problem of using code pilot on xcode5, but also opened up the code […]

  • Alcatraz: package manager seamlessly integrated into Xcode


    Alcatraz is an open source package manager on Xcode. You can use it to discover or install plug-ins, templates, color themes, etc. without manually cloning and copying files. It’s seamlessly integrated with Xcode. Now Alcatraz supports xcode5. The source address of Alcatraz is https://github.com/supermarin/alcatraz usage Select package manager from the window menu, and then select […]

  • IOS Development Notes (1) Hello, world!


    Hello,World 🙂 For a new language, according to the Convention, we will write a Hello, world! Next, we will start with Xcode installation and complete a simple hello, world application. Install Xcode Download and install Xcode through the app store, but sometimes the service of the app store is not stable in China, and the […]

  • 60 minute introduction to IOS development


    60 minute introduction to IOS development This article is for beginners of IOS development who have programming experience in other languages (such as Java, C, PHP, JavaScript). The original intention is to let my colleagues know how to start developing IOS app in an hour. The learning objectives include: Can use Xcode IDE, simulator Ability […]

  • Check the top 10 open source Xcode plug-ins that developers like best


    Xcode ide has many very large tools, such as navigation, reconstruction, calibration and so on, and the plug-ins to be assisted are to improve and expand the relevant functions on the basis of Xcode. In the process of application development, Alcatraz, an open-source package manager, has become a necessary task for developers to install and […]

  • How to publish an app to the store when xcode5 and 6 coexist


    How can you install Xcode 6 as cheaply as I do, and at the same time you need to publish the app to the store, you will find that the packed package can’t pass the audit.Verification error: unable to validate application archives of type:0x0 After Google reported the wrong information, it found that the beta […]

  • Understanding Xcode


    0. Know Xcode 1. Theme and font “Command +,” call out preferences (preferences), select “fonts & colors”, select a theme, such as “Midnight”, then shift to select all items in source editor / console, and click fonts to set the font. The default font of Xcode is menu, and other equal width fonts, Consolas / […]

  • Xcode variable overview summary


    Except for part of the translation, all the content of this blog is original. If it is the same, I will copy you: -) Problem description When debugging Xcode breakpoints, you can see the information of variables by hovering over them. But for custom objects, Xcode usually provides very limited direct information, like this To […]