• Xcode common plug-ins


    List some commonly used Xcode plug-ins, which can be installed through Alcatraz. To install Alcatraz, click here: Xcode plug-in management tool Alcatraz Automatic completion KSImageNamed Source website: https://github.com/ksuther/ksimagenamed-xcode Function: auto complete picture name FuzzyAutocompletePlugin Source website: https://github.com/fuzzyautocomplete/fuzzyautocompleteplugin Function: do not need to match from the beginning, as long as the key words in the input […]

  • How to use cocoapods


    What is cocoapods Cocoapods is a dependency management tool on Xcode. Official website: https://cocoapods.org/. If you don’t use dependency management tools, you will suffer when using third-party libraries. You need to copy the source code of the third-party libraries into the project. If these libraries have other framework dependencies, you need to manually import them. […]

  • Solve the problem of plug-ins not working after each upgrade of Xcode


    Every update of Xcode has a headache, that is, plug-ins will fail. I have to say that many plug-ins are still very convenient and efficient. So how to solve this problem, as follows: ABSTRACT: Opening Xcode after upgrading will prompt loadbundle or Skipbundle. Generally, we choose loadbudle. Xcode plug-in is still valid. If we choose […]

  • Xcode 7 plug-in development: from development to pull to Alcatraz


    Blog address: http://ifujun.com/xcode7-cha-jian-kai-fa-cong-kai-fa-dao-pulldao-alcatrazaz/ Development Xcode is powerful, but it is somewhat closed, and the official documentation for Xcode plug-in development is not available. Miao Shen’s tutorials are comprehensive and suitable for introductions. The tutorial in this article is just developed as I amFKConsoleThe summary of the process is not very comprehensive. FKConsoleI developed a plug-in […]