• Vue shares the pit encountered in wechat


    Use Vue wechat to share on IOS During this time, I used Vue to make a wechat activity page, listing the pits encountered during the development. Wx related configuration Design activity sharing requires wxconfig configuration first. You don’t need to talk about anything. For details, see wechat development platform. Here is the configuration of wechat […]

  • Wechat applet request encapsulation


    When you start writing small programs, you are quite helpless to request API of interface for small programs, because the project is so urgent that you don’t think so much about it and start it directly. Later, I think about making a package to do some data processing in a unified way, so as to […]

  • H5/web app/third-party web page authorized login by Wechat


    Wechat login: Users can quickly log on to your website using the Wechat account.The same user uses Wechat to login to your different applications and public accounts, which will correspond to the same UnionID, so as to unify the accounts between different businesses. Wechat authorized login can be divided into: Scanning Login (commonly used for […]